VT-36 Outdoor Cooler

Outdoor air cooler or outdoor cooler supplier in UAE,

Product description of VT-36 Outdoor Air Cooler.

VT-36 is powerful outdoor air cooler used in industrial application. VT-36 cooler has airflow of 26000 cubic meter per hour. It has quite big water tank of 130 liter with facility to connect water supply pipe directly. Air cooler equipped with valve which will cut water supply in event of tank full. Outdoor cooler consists of control panel with small LCD panel and LED display. Control panel has "Lack of water" LED indication will light in event of water level gets low. Other than this LCD control panel has cool, timer, blast & power LED indications. VT-36 is unique outdoor coolers which commonly use as outdoor party cooler, party coolers for deck or Deck coolers. 



Air Flow    Noise Level (approx.) :  26000 CMH

Noise Level (approx.)                  :  66/68/70 db

Voltage                                        :  230V, 50Hz

Weight                                         :  115 kg

Power Consumption                    :  880 Watt

Dimension (W x D x H) mm         :  1550 x 740 x 1750 mm

Fan Speed Setting                       :  Available

Tank Capacity                              :  130 Liters.

Pump On/off setting                     :  Available

Effective Area                               :  200 - 300 Sq. Meter.

Timer Setting                                :  Available

Lack of Water Indication               :  Available

LCD Panel                                    :  Available

Water Pipe Connection facility     :  Available


Please download Catalogue from here: VT-36 Desert Air Cooler.

Applications of Cooler

- School Shopping                                                    - Complex

- Party lawn                                                                - Warehouse

- Church                                                                     - Coffee Shop

- Factory                                                                     - Fast Food

- Grocery Shops                                                         - Gym

- Hospital                                                                    - Industrial

- Hotel                                                                         - Green House

- Kitchens                                                                    - Laundry Shop

Advantages of Cooler.

  • Low Power consumption with efficient cooling. Less than 1/3rd the cost of refrigerated air conditioning.
  • A complete natural process. Low water consumptions.
  • Operating cost of Desert cooler is really low as compared to ACs.
  • Oxygen rich fresh air delivered to you.
  • Desert Cooler increases humidity in your home and get rid of dry air.
  • Desert air cooler are environmental friendly since it does not use refrigerant.
  • Easy to operate and maintain since it run on water.
  • Body made with high quality strong plastic hence protected from corrosion.