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& Industrial.

Get reliable desert coolers for industrial use at an affordable price. Buy the best evaporative industrial coolers in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, & Tanzania.

Air Cooler in Dubai, UAE.
Desert Air cooler at low price.

Desert Cooler.

A heavy-duty desert air cooler is the most economical cooling method for vast spaces. Delivers ample airflow with inverter motor to save power consumption. Get the best desert cooler price in UAE from CtrlTech.

Available in portable, fixed, & ducting types.

Capacity from 6000 to 48000 CMH.

Reputed cooler manufacture in Dubai.

Outdoor Cooler in Dubai.

We offer genuine outdoor air coolers on wheels for poolside, lawns, events, and gardens. Get this water cooler fan with a stand and remote for easy operation. You can buy online now from the CtrlTech webshop.

Eco-friendly evaporative cooling.

Silent operation with high airflow.

Best outdoor party coolers in Dubai.

Outdoor cooler system.
Industrial Air cooler in Dubai.

Industrial Air Cooler

CtrlTech offers an impressive industrial water air cooler with an inverter fan and a copper motor. CtrlTech has been a reputed industrial cooler manufacturer supplying units in Middle Eastern countries for more than a decade.

A large tank with honeycomb cooling pad.

Cold air without water mist.

Anti-bacterial UV-C light option.

Evaporative Air Cooler.

Get an authentic evaporative cooler for commercial applications. Contact CtrlTech for a cost-effective cooling system for your factories & greenhouses. Low operating cost with large coverage area.

It improves indoor air quality.

Customized solution for Greenhouses.

More efficient than Air conditioner.

Evaporative air cooler UAE.

Why Choose Us ?

Genuine Products

We choose the finest quality components for our air coolers to offer high standard products to our clients.

Affordable price

Our air cooler brings a value for money proposition to our clients without compromising the performance.

Energy Saving

Our energy-efficient & eco-friendly evaporative cooling solution consumes less power and reduces operating costs.

Service Support

Our repeat clients are the approvals of our best and prompt service support and our product quality.

Who are we?

About CtrlTech

Proud to be your trusted partner for Power, Cooling, Monitoring, & Dehumidification solutions.

Outdoor air cooler fan supplier in Dubai, UAE


We supply power equipment is required for backup, protection, transmission, and purification.


We are an expert solution provider of precision cooling for server rooms and evaporative air coolers for industrial use.


We supply an Environmental monitoring system and water leak detection system for a data center.


We are a one-stop genuine solution provider for home, commercial, industrial, & swimming pool dehumidifiers.

Desert Cooler Supplier in Dubai.

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