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 Difference between Air cooler and air conditioner

1) More Energy Efficient.   1) Less Energy Efficient. 
2) Low purchase & operating cost.   2) High purchase & operating cost.
3) More Environmental Friendly.   3) Less Environmental Friendly. 
4) Can work in Dry season.  4) Can work in All season.
5) Low Maintenance cost.  5) High Maintenance cost.
6) It increases humidity in air.  6) It reduces humidity in air.
7) It uses wet absorptive pad as heat sink.  7)  It uses refrigerant filled pipe as heat sink.


Air Coolers

Air cooler is a device help to reduce temperature with help of fan to blow air and heat sink to reduce temperature of air.

We offer wide range of Air cooler working on principle of evaporative cooling. We offer complete range of Air Cooler, Evaporative air cooler consists of fan, motor, water pump and cooling pad. Based of principle of working and type of its use air cooler, it also called as Evaporative Portable Air Coolers, Industrial Cooler, swamp Cooler, Commercial coolers, Desert cooler and outdoor coolers. Coolers supplied by us has airflow of 6000 to 34000 cubic meter per hours which can cover area from 700 Sq. Ft. to 4000 Sq. Ft. These coolers are commonly use in public places like airport, bus station, shopping mall, showroom, warehouse, Outdoor tea/coffee house, school, super market, canteen, hospital & inside Tents. We are Industrial air coolers supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Doha and UAE. It also use in hot industries, poultry farm, horse farm, Textile & refinery and underground parking. We are desert cooler specialist. Evaporative air coolers are low cost cooling method which now a day’s commonly use in heated areas like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Doha and other Middle Eastern Countries. And as Two Stage Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers, we can offer you very efficient cooling at very low cost.

   Applications of desert Cooler

applications of Evaporative air cooler


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