Air Cooler prices in UAE & Dubai. Advantages & Benefits.

Let’s understand the air cooler price in UAE, its benefits, and its advantages. It is also called an evaporative, desert, industrial, outdoor air cooling system. To give a brief understanding of the system, it consists of a fan motor, water pump, evaporative pad, and casing. The airflow capacity of the unit will determine the air cooler price in Dubai. Evaporation pad fixed on back or/and sides of the machine. Fan motor mounted in the middle so that it will suck air through pad. At the bottom, a water tank is designed with a submersible pump.

Air cooler price in UAE by CtrlTech

When the user starts the machine, the fan will suck air through a wet pad, and hence as per the evaporation principle temperature of the air goes down and becomes cold. The design is made so that this water pushed by the pump is poured on the top surface of the pad, making it wet. Since the pump is continuous in operation, the pad will remain moist.

Advantages with low air cooler price. 

There are many advantages of these outdoor cooler, but seven benefits are prominent, which we are going to discuss as follow:

Low initial air cooler price: A desert air cooler price is much less than the air conditioner’s cost of equal airflow. Due to the low initial cost, it is affordable for the general masses, and hence it is popular in India, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Also, due to less industrial air cooler prices, many large factories and production centers prefer these units to avoid significant CAPEX.

Electricity Saving: An air cooler consumes only 1/4th of electric power as an air conditioner of equivalent airflow. Hence, it is undoubtedly recommended that the vast space go or evaporation desert cooling to save electricity and operating costs.

Environmental Friendly: Other than a low air cooler price, another significant advantage is its eco-friendly nature. These outdoor air cooler only uses water as an ingredient. There is no use of Freon gases or chemical coolant used in air conditioners. Also, as explained above, an industrial desert cooler consumes very low electricity. Thus, these cooler are more environmentally friendly than an air conditioner.

Air cooler UAE price.

Healthy preposition: The desert air cooler takes fresh air from the backside and supplies cold air to space. This cold air continuously exhausted out to avoid humidity. In other words, every time an outdoor air cooler brings fresh air into the room. However, in the case of air conditioners, the same air is recirculated. These health benefits certainly justify even high industrial cooler prices in UAE.

Work as Humidifier: Since outdoor air coolers work on the evaporation principle when fresh air passes through a moist surface, it becomes cold and humid. As a result, the air coming out from the air cooler will have humidity and which help to increase humidity in the room and help to reduce respiratory problem and skin issues due to dryness.

Plug and Play Device: Installation of these coolers is effortless. One needs to put water, connect to power, and start the unit. The user can adjust fan speed from the control panel of evaporative air coolers at low, medium, or high. The unit can be used as a simple fan by switching off the pump. Easy installation reduces the desert cooler price even less.

Low Maintenance: The coolers virtually do not need any regular maintenance. If the user wants to avoid refilling of tank manually, then there is a provision for connecting the water supply pipe directly to the unit. These systems have an inbuilt floating valve that will cut the water supply when the container gets full.

Important five features of Air cooler.

The air cooler should have the following five features. When selecting an outdoor cooler, users should make sure that it should have these five features. These five features will make sure your purchased desert cooler performs well.

Large Water Tank & hose pipe connection: The unit should have a big water tank to store more water. Water consumption depends on the heat level. And places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, temperatures rise to more than 50 deg C in hot summer temperatures. So it is better to have a larger water tank. Also, it is better to have a hose connection point with an internal floating valve to connect the water supply pipe. It is a standard feature that will not affect air cooler fan prices in UAE.

Low power consuming motor with high airflow: Motor is the heart of a cooling fan. And the power-efficient fan is in the interest of consumers to save running costs without compromising airflow. CtrlTech desert air cooler fitted with low power consuming motor with high airflow.

Air cooler price Dubai.

Thick evaporative pad: Hot air is sucked through the evaporation pad, which is kept wet with the help of water poured on it by the pump. When hot air passes through this moist pad, it will lose its temperature. Hence, a thick pad ensures efficient and fast cooling. The industrial air cooler price will increase with the size and thickness of the cooling pad.

Strong lockable wheels: The unit should have a sturdy wheel to bear weight when the water tank is full. When it stands or moves with a filled tank, these wheels should sustain this weight. Also, these wheels should be lockable.

Swing Function: This function allows the evaporative cooler to through the air 180 degrees horizontally. Hence an industrial air cooler can cover a large space.

Most affordable air cooler price in UAE.

Air cooler for Outdoor evaporative Desert cooling. Evaporative desert air coolers are widely adopted to cool large industrial spaces. It is practically impossible to cool a large product plat area with an air conditioner. Secondly, these industrial air coolers can cool spaces without airtight. Evaporative outdoor air cooler has a low price for equipment and running costs. The industrial cooler offered by CtrlTech offers the most economical air cooler price. Air cooler prices in Dubai, UAE are raging from AED 1900 to 3900.

  1. VT-1A industrial air cooler has airflow of 6000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liters water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when the tank is full, etc. Unit price AED 1900/-
  2. VT-24 industrial air cooler has airflow of 12000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liters water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when the tank is full, etc. Unit price AED 2600/-
  3. VT-1B industrial air cooler has airflow of 18000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liters water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when the tank is full, etc. Unit price AED 2900/-
  4. VT-1C industrial air cooler has airflow of 22000 M³/hr. Control panel, 100 liters water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when the tank is full, etc. Unit price AED 3400/-
  5. VT-1D industrial air cooler has airflow of 26000 M³/hr. Control panel, 126 liters water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when the tank is full, etc. Unit price AED 3900/-

FAQs regarding air cooler prices.

What is the price range of the air coolers?

Industrial cooler price in UAE.

Prices of the air coolers depend on their capacity, which is measured in terms of their airflow. The cost of the unit increases with its airflow capacity. It is available in the price range of AED 1300 to AED 4500 for an air cooler with a capacity of 6000 to 26000 CMH Airflow. You can check the air cooler price in Lulu UAE.

Which air cooler is the best under AED 2000?

In the UAE, VT-24 is the best air cooler that we can get under the cost of AED 2000. This unit has airflow of 12000 CMH, 60 liters tank, and all standard features. Hence, try to get a high-capacity unit at minimum prices. You will get the lowest air cooler price in Carrefour for small home units.

Which factors determine air cooler prices?

Factors affecting room cooler price in UAE.

Mostly following points determine the cost of a cooling unit.

1) Airflow capacity.
2) Tank capacity.
3) Type of motor. Variable fan speed motor is costly.
4) Quality of the pump.
5) Other features like hose pipe connection, internal float valve, cooling pad size, and control panel.

Can I buy air coolers in the discount sale offers?

Yes, many suppliers offer discount sales for their air coolers in the off-season. They offer up to 20% discount on all model air cooler prices. This off-season sale is generally in December every year.

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