Affordable VT-1A air cooler UAE, Dubai. 

This article will explain the features and advantages of the VT-1A unit offered by CtrlTech air cooler UAE. VT-1A is one of the best air coolers in Dubai for restaurants, security cabins, outdoor parties, etc. This outdoor portable system is offered with a powerful motor that can generate 6000 CMH airflow. This Evaporative cooler is equipped with a control panel from which users can set fan speed at low, medium, and high fan modes. Also, users can turn on or off the water pump to use the unit in cooling or fan mode. This panel also shows low water indication if water is lacking in the tank. It has 60 liters capacity tank, and one can fill it manually, or the unit can be connected water supply pipe directly. The cooling Pad has a large area protected by another mesh grill. Get the best air cooler in Dubai from CtrlTech.

Affordable VT-1A air cooler UAE, Dubai..

VT-1A air cooler UAE; Basis principle.

The basic principle of this outdoor cooler is that water evaporation drives away the surrounding heat and causes the temperature to cool down. Its working principle is that negative pressure occurs because of wind draining by exhaust fan: air goes through a wet congruent cooling Pad, and the motor pump continuously transports water to the pipes and cooling pad at the same time.

CtrlTech air cooler UAE produces products under European high technology. The basic theory for reducing heat is water evaporation. Evaporation carries all the heat of the surrounding area, reducing the air temperature. The water continuously wet the cooling pad surface evenly. The wet cooling pad angle makes the water currents flow to the side of the wind inlet. Thus, absorbing a certain amount of heat from the air cool down upon contact with the cooling Pad. All industrial air cooler in Dubai has the best quality cooling pad.

The wet cooling pad also makes the wind cool and fresh. The circulating water top to the bottom forms the water cycle. There is a water level indicator on the panel. So when the water level indicator reaches the bottom level, the inlet valve will open automatically to add water; when the water gets filled, it is indicated by full level indication, and the valve will close automatically.

Features of VT-1A CtrlTech air cooler UAE.

Some of the critical features of this outdoor cooler are as follows:

  • This outdoor cooler has a cellulose evaporative cooling Pad. Also, this air cooler in Dubai is energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • VT-1A desert cooler has a large capacity water tank for longer operating hours.
  • It Optimizes air quality through the silent wind.
  • Wheels with brake for easy transport are fitted in this industrial cooler.
  • Wheels with brake for easy transport are fitted in this industrial cooler.
  • Tri – dimension circle windthrow for more comfortability.
  • Microcomputer programmed control, precise and luxury LCD panel.
  • All CtrlTech air cooler in UAE has a time setting function.
  • 3 Levels of wind speed ( Low, Medium, & High)
  • More convenient with a remote controller.
  • Unattached functions, keeping humid off, feel fresh in dry weather.
  •  3 Modes ( Normal, Sleep, and Breeze)

Applications of evaporative air cooler in Dubai.

  • Manufacturing: Textile, Machinery, Ceramic, Refine Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Hardware, and Leather.
  • Processing: Plaint, Electronic, Shoe Making, Painting, Plastic, Clothes Making, Food Package, etc.
  • It is suitable to use in public areas like Waiting rooms, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Schools, Gym, and underground passes.
  • This air cooler UAE is an economical solution for Outdoor areas like Gold courses, Vegetable markets, parking lots, Gardens, and factories.

Technical Specifications.

Reliable air cooler Dubai.
Max Airflow7000 m3/h 9000 m3/h
Voltage / Frequency220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power290 Watts
Blower TypeAxial o flow type
Water Consumption4 t0 6 liters/hour
Water Tank Capacity70 liters.
Overall Size/ Weight1400 x 860 x 500 mm / 36 kgs
VT-1A Air cooler specifications.

Commission of VT-1A outdoor air cooler.

  1. Press the “ON / OFF “switch
  2. Press the “COOL” button to activate the cooling function, then the water pump will pour the cooling Pad for one minute, and then the fan will work.
  3. Press “SPEED” for desired speed (Low. Medium. High).
  4. Press “SWING” if desired. It helps to distribute cool breeze in all directions.
  5. Press the “TIMER” button if you need to set the delay auto timer. When starting the machine, press “TIMER,” which means shutting down at a regular time, then press it until “00”, which means canceling the function of setting time. Press the “Timer,” which means starting the machine when you shut down; press it until “00” which means canceling.

After the delivery service engineer of CtrlTech air coolers, UAE will visit and give you a demo.

Instructions before use.

Before using this industrial air cooler in Sharjah, read the guidebook carefully and operate it according to the instructions. Use the outdoor cooler in the following condition:

  • Temperature: 18C / 45oC
  • Water Temperature <45oC
  • Electric voltage must not exceed the required volt(+/-)5%
  • No pollution in the surrounding.

The circuit of the desert air cooler is connected appropriately and protected to prevent mouse bites. Using the wrong electric voltage will cause a danger of electric shock. Trampled or over-stretched cable can cause short circuits. Note electrical voltage and frequency of the grid before using air cooler in UAE.

If the product is not operating well or may have an unusual malfunction, please inform the distributor or dealer where you bought the unit. Please open the doors and windows and keep them ventilated to avoid the application effect.

Operating instruction of VT-1A air cooler UAE.

Best evaporative air cooler UAE.
  1. water to this evaporative cooler. Use clean water. Pour water on the left side (water inlet) of the unit slowly to avoid water spillage and prevent the risk of electric shock. Fill up to the “MAX” level only as it may overflow.
  2. Plug the desert cooler unit (220 volts/50 Heriz, Single Phase ) power indicator icon will light up.
  3. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or service agent or a similarly qualified person to avoid the hazard.
  4. This portable air cooler in Dubai is not intended to use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

VT-1A maintenance.

To ensure the unit releases fresh and clean air, always change the water regularly. Also, clean the tank and filter fitted on the cooling pad.

  1. Remove the filter net of this air cooler by removing the screw, then press the lock. Rinse under running water to wash off the dirt. Never use pressurized water. 
  2. Pull- out the Cooling Pad. Wash from the inner – side to the outside of the pad. Wash the cooling Pad under running water but never use pressurized water as it may damage the pad.
  3. Open the drainage valve to remove the remaining water, then clean the water tank thoroughly with a soft cloth to remove dirt. Also, wash off dirt on the water sensor, water pump, and drainage valve.
  4. Use mild soap and a soft clean cloth in cleaning the outer body/chassis.

Keep this air cooler fan away from fire during transportation installation and operation. The use of strong chemicals might cause damage to the casing. Better to call the service engineer of CtrlTech air cooler UAE for regular maintenance. If there is an abnormality during operation, contact our distributor or us. Please use the machine following the instruction in the guidebook. Any incorrect use causing the unit to malfunction, the supplier/ dealer will not be held responsible. Contact CtrlTech air cooler UAE by phone or email for any further queries.

FAQs of Air cooler Dubai.

What are the USPs of VT-1A air cooler UAE?

What maintenance does the VT-1A outdoor cooler needs?

What is the price of the VT-1A air cooler in Dubai?

What is the warranty of the VT-1A air cooler?

Product Review.

Air Cooler UAE.
Affordable VT 1A air cooler UAE Dubai..

CtrlTech air Cooler UAE offers the top quality cooling unit. They offer models ranging from 6000 CMH to 48000 CMH airflow. Some of the USPs of their products are: The body casing of the unit is made up of light but sturdy plastic material. Thus, the product is easy to transport and non-corrosive. CtrlTech air cooler Dubai uses the best class motor with variable speed. It will help deliver more air and set the fan at the required rate. The water pump with high-grade insulation is used. It works for years with regular cleaning maintenance. The cooling pad is made of cellulose material that ensures durability. Also, it does not release smell into the water. The control board is easy to use. We can set fan speed, on/off timer, and pump on/off. Small LCD Displays all status. Especially when there is less water in the tank, it will show a flashing sign. In short, they offer the best air cooler in UAE. Evaporative air cooler in Dubai is the most economical cooling method. For cooling open spaces, they offer special outdoor coolers. For different applications, CtrlTech industrial air cooler Dubai offers specific products.


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