Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

CtrlTech is larges desert air cooler supplier in Dubai, UAE. They are supplying industrial air cooler in UAE, Oman & Qatar from last eight years. Industrial cooler offered by CtrlTech are best in quality and reliability. #desertcooler #UAE #AbuDhabi. CtrlTech offered outdoor cooler from capacity of 7000 to 26000 cubic meter per hour. Fan Motor of CtrlTech desert cooler made with high quality copper and insulation and can withstand high temperature. Pump is very powerful and push water to top of cooling pad. Cooling pad of evaportive cooler is thick and made up of high quality material.

Desert air cooler for optimistic

Industrial cooler models by CtrlTech.

Air cooler or desert cooler supplier in UAE, Oman. #aircooler #desertcooler #UAE #Oman

CtrlTech is industrial air cooler supplier. They offer following range of water air cooler.

1) VT-1A evaporative cooler with air flow of 7000 CMH.
2) VT-24 Outdoor cooler with air flow of 12000 CMH.
3) VT-1B industrial cooler with air flow of 18000 CMH.
4) VT-1C Desert air cooler with air flow of 22000 CMH.
5) VT-1D Outdoor air cooler with air flow of 26000 CMH.

CtrlTech air cooler offer these units in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Fujairah, Al Ain, Muscat, UAE and Oman.

Where to buy air cooler in Dubai?

You can buy air cooler from CtrlTech from their showroom or through their online shop. They offer free installation and delivery. All CtrlTech air coolers carry one year warranty. Contact CtrlTech on following address:

Control Technologies

SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


contact them on above address for all kind of Air cooler.