Five features air cooler should have.

Five features air cooler should have.

Air cooler should have following five features. #aircooler #desertcooler #Dubai #Abudhabi. While selecting outdoor cooler user should make sure that cooler should have these five features. These five features will make sure your purchased desert cooler performs well.

Five Features of Desert cooler.

  • Large Water Tank & hose pipe connection: Unit should have large water tank to store more water. Water consumption is depend on heat level of air which it going to intake. And places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in hot summer temperature rise to more than 50 deg C and hence temperature of intake air. So it better to have large water tank. Also it better to have hose connection point with internal floating valve to connect water supply pipe.
  • Low power consuming motor with high airflow: Motor is heart of air cooler. And power efficient motor is in interest of consumer to save running cost but without compromising of air flow. CtrlTech desert air cooler fitted with low power consuming motor with high airflow.
  • Thick evaporative pad: Hot air suck through evaporation pad which kept wet with help of water poured on pad with help of pump. When hot air passed through this wet pad it will loose temperature. And hence more thicker the pad more temperature will loos for hot air and cold air get delivered.
  • Strong lockable wheels: Unit should have first of all very strong wheel since weight of unit will fully filled water tank going to be very high. These wheel should sustain this weight when it stand or when it moves with filled tank. Also these wheels should be lockable.
  • Swing Function: This function allows evaporative air cooler to through air in 180 degree horizontally. Hence we industrial air cooler can cover large space.

Outdoor cooler Supplier in UAE.

If you are looking for buying air coolers in UAE then you can get in touch with CtrlTech. They offer following models:

  • VT-24 Industrial air cooler
  • VT-1C Desert air cooler
  • VT-1D Outdoor air cooler
  • VT-1A Industrial air cooler.


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