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UAE is a hot country, and not everyone is financially sound to get air conditioners installed in their houses. Therefore, picking up the option to install air cooler in UAE climate can be a fruitful alternative. CtrlTech has brought to you the cheap air cooler in Dubai that is highly efficient in serving its purpose of keeping you comfortable during the scorching summers. 

If you were looking for buying the best air cooler in UAE, then you have landed on the right page. CtrlTech is offering you an air cooler with high-end specifications and optimal performance. If you were curiously searching for ‘best air cooler near me’ over Google, then you have reached your premium stop at CtrlTech. Get in touch with us right away!

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Types of air coolers.

Every site demands a customized cooling solution for effectiveness and affordability. Thus, based on the applications, CtrlTech offers different types of coolers. Here are the types of air coolers to give you a brief idea of our collection at CtrlTech.

Desert Cooler

Desert coolers are meant to be placed over the windows of your house. Desert coolers are often placed outside the main rooms, with their air outlet facing toward the inside of the room. We have tried to bring you the most energy-optimized desert cooler options at affordable pricing. 

Outdoor Cooler

Outdoor coolers are meant to help people carry out their significant special events in outdoor spaces. With our outdoor air coolers, one can comfortably enjoy the events such as concerts, camping trips, and others conducted in outdoor areas in the UAE. It is available on a rental basis also.

Industrial Cooler

We not only look out for residential needs but also take concerned for the cooling needs of industries. Our industrial air coolers help cool large-scale and big indoor or outdoor spaces and factories. Cooling a warehouse is always a challenge, and we are here to help you with our products.

Evaporative Air Cooler

The Evaporative cooler is one of the hot-selling products at CtrlTech. Most people in the UAE prefer to use this type of cooler due to its innovative way of cooling the air. It uses water-soaked pads to cool the hot air after it is soaked by the cooler. Get the best products with us at affordable pricing!

Air Cooler price in UAE.

Different products are listed under our air cooler section for your unique needs. You have to pick the one suitable for your residence, and we will quote you the best air cooler price in UAE to the maximum extent from our end. Our air cooler price in lulu UAE is highly competitive, and you won’t head out of our store without picking one for sure. 

We will attend to your needs and requirements. We will offer a suitable model from our product gamut based on your needs. Along with that, we will also consider quoting you the best air cooler price in luluThat would fit your budget without letting you compromise your comfort needs. Not just lulu, but we also have a competitive air cooler price in Carrefour and other parts of UAE. Visit us once, and you will walk out of our store with the best air cooler!

Air Cooler fan price in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Portable Air Cooler.

If you are tight on your budget and do not want to spend much, even on electricity, we have ideal options for a portable air cooler just for you. These portable coolers in Dubai are affordable units and cost-efficient in the long term. Moreover, you can also expect your cooler to cool like AC to give you the comfort you craved at affordable pricing. So, reach out to us to check our catalog of air cooler fans in UAE that fits your budget and needs. The model brochures are available online.

Mini Air Cooler

Mini air cooler is different from that of mobile air coolers. The mini cooler for home is a compact version to give you the optimal amount of cooling without striking you in your pocket. They are termed to be the type of air cooler without sound troubles. The mini cooler is meant to give out cool air that controls the temperature and humidity within the room. It is the perfect midea air cooler for bedrooms, living rooms, and small office spaces. CtrlTech has brought the ideal options just for you. 

Let’s compare.

Evaporative air cooler Vs AC

Air Coolers Vs ACs

Comparison >>>

Do you want to know the winner between air cooler and versus air conditioner? If yes, you must understand that both have their pros and cons. Air conditioners are undoubtedly efficient in terms of cooling effect. It cools the room within a couple of minutes which gives utmost comfort. But this comfort comes at a considerable price. Here are some of the points that will justify that air cooler is better than AC:

  • Air coolers are cheaper than air conditioners.
  • Coolers are more energy-efficient than air conditioners.
  • Air coolers have fewer maintenance needs as compared to air conditioners.
  • Air coolers do not over-dry the room air, which is the major problem of air conditioners.

Hence, these reasons prove that coolers are better than AC. CtrlTech offers you the perfect options of different air coolers across the globe. Get in touch with us right away! You have to get in touch with us, and we will contact you with the best efficient product within our stocks.

Oudoor Cooler Vs ceiling fan.

Air Cooler Vs Ceiling Fan

Comparison >>>

Ceiling fans are widespread in every household, an all-season alternative for dealing with warm climates. As the fans are connected to the ceiling, they draw the heat from the roof making it throw a hot breeze during summers. But when the summers get in, the ceiling fans cannot do much to give you a cold and soothing breeze for a comfortable sleep. Therefore, it is recommended that you take up an air cooling unit instead to deal with the unbearable heat during summers. Air coolers are advanced with water evaporation techniques embedded with cooling pads to throw a cold breeze in the room to drop the temperature.

Ceiling fans might be suitable for three seasons except for summer. Still, air coolers might be a healthy alternative when dealing with unbearable heat. At CtrlTech, we offer quality and modern air coolers to help you meet your requirements without putting much strain on your pocket.

Cooler Vs Blowers

Comparison >>>

Air coolers come in both fan type and blower type that differentiates only in airflow. The fan type comes with limited regulator speeds that direct the airflow at an optimal rate, which takes more time and energy to cool the room than blower-type air coolers. The blowers are meant to create higher airflow pressure from the internal cooling system, resulting in a high-speed throw of cold breeze that cools down the room quickly. CtrlTech offers you both coolers at affordable pricing and with different variants. Visit us and pick the best suitable product for your needs.


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Where to buy an air cooler? 

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