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Are you seeking some respite from the crippling heat and discomfort? Are you looking for an efficient way to face the exhausting summer blues? Well, a desert cooler is the most convenient way to help you bear the scorching heat. A desert air cooler has a low running cost; it is called an evaporative cooler. These coolers are world-famous and are considered the best pocket-friendly option for dealing with the warm air. You can find the best desert cooler prices in UAE by searching desert cooler near me or the best desert cooler manufacturer in UAE.

A desert cooler is an environment-friendly way of generating cool air by using water. It doesn’t use any harsh ways to bring down the temperature harmful to human beings or the environment. The water in the air cooler gets pumped up to the cushions or pads that get evaporated when it comes in contact with the hot air creating a soothingly chilled atmosphere.

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People mostly use a ceiling fan, a desert cooler, or an air conditioner to face the hot season. Each has its benefits and may be utilized for optimum resource use at different times. While a ceiling fan has the lowest price, an air conditioner costs high. However, when you compare these three, a desert air cooler turns out to be the best alternative to beat the heat.

CTAC-48 Desert air cooler supplier.

CTAC-48 Desert air cooler.



VT-1C Water air cooler.

VT-1C Water air cooler.


100 LITERS TANK & 1100Watt MOTOR

VT-24 Air Cooler Fan.

VT-24 Air Cooler Fan.


60 LITERS TANK & 550 Watt MOTOR.

CTAC-25 Desert Water Cooler.

CTAC-25 Desert Water Cooler.



Why do we need a desert air cooler in UAE?

A hot and humid atmosphere can make work with complete concentration. Adjusting to such an environment without proper facilities can be a tough job requiring extra time and energy. That is where a desert air cooler steps in; a single unit can make things much easier for you. It works wonders by lowering the temperature and making it suitable for you to work. Further, the desert cooler price in Dubai UAE is convenient and doesn’t create a burden on the pocket. It is known for providing guaranteed performance and is considered highly durable.

Desert air coolers, over some time, has got upgraded, and today, these are famously known as portable air coolers. These coolers are known for providing the ultimate cooling solution to their users. These desert coolers are produced by utilizing the latest advanced material that helps cool down the warm temperature. Desert cooler price in Dubai UAE is affordable and worth this product’s services.

Desert cooler near me.

These are Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can be easily ported from one room to the other as per convenience. Isn’t it great? Moreover, these have a low maintenance cost and a long life span.

Desert cooler near me.

If you are looking for a desert air cooler in Dubai, you won’t have much trouble as these are readily available here. CtrlTech is the best portable air cooler manufacturer in UAE, known for manufacturing these with the best features. The Desert air cooler price in Dubai is reasonable to be purchased by the buyer. Having a desert water cooler is a blessing in a hot climate. It works efficiently in bringing the temperature down by circulating cool air created using environment-friendly techniques. A window air cooler is a better option to go for than a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.

A desert cooler works better than a ceiling fan; it is cheaper when compared to an air conditioner. It can be purchased at an affordable cost without much of a problem. Also, you can rent these units on a daily charge basis. So, are you all set to buy a Symphony Air Cooler? Let’s get to know some more about it before you step out!  

High Quality Desert air coolers.

A Desert air cooler is known for being environmentally friendly and efficient. A desert cooler of high quality reduces greenhouse gas emissions and encourages the sustainable development of air conditioning technology. A desert air cooler unit is considered economical because of its effectiveness, which reduces power consumption. A desert cooler portable can provide services to its users with the help of desert cooler ducting that enhances its working process. An efficient design evaporative system should have a thick and durable pad. At the same time, it should consume less water with high airflow delivery. CtrlTech succeeds in providing a system with all the above features.

Key Features of Desert Cooler System.

Are you no more able to tolerate the hot weather at your place? Have you been searching for a desert cooler unit and almost finalized it? Selecting the right desert cooler system is a tough job; there are certain features that you must check to ensure that you are making the right decision. While choosing an air cooler, check the thickness of its pads, shut-off dampeners, speed of the fan, water level controller, and whether it has a remote control or not. You must check whether the services offered by the air cooler are in sync with the weather condition requirements or not. Also, ensure that there is no unnecessary additional cost to be incurred. Here are the points to help you in selecting the best product confidently.


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