CTAC-48 Desert Air Cooler

CTAC-48 Desert Air Cooler.

This desert air cooler has one of the most robust and powerful designs. Its inverter motor makes it a more energy-efficient system. A large water tank with the capacity to deliver colossal airflow makes this system unique. CTAC-48 desert water air cooler fan can serve up to 5382 square feet. As an option, users can use a UVC air sterilization lamp.

48000 m³/hr Airflow.
230 Liters water tank.
Variable speed.
CTAC-48 Desert Air Cooler.

Introduction to CTAC-48 desert cooler.

CTAC-48 is a large capacity desert cooler that serves vast spaces like warehouses, factories, and parking spaces. It is the best desert air cooler due to its unique feature of 48000 CMH airflow and its inverter motor. The body casing is made of a solid PE frame, making it more durable. An inbuilt tank of 230 liters capacity avoids refilling of water repeatedly. Also, users can connect hose pipes for continuous water supply with the auto water connector.

CtrlTech offers lower costs of the powerful desert cooler in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, & Kuwait. Even with such a large airflow capacity, it delivers air without water mist. Its thick evaporative cooling pad ensures efficient cooling. If required, users can opt to fit an ultraviolet lamp that helps to disinfect water. We can add an ice cube inside the water tank from a separate opening. A water-level indicator at the unit’s backside will continuously show water availability inside the tank.

CTAC-48 desert air cooler features.

  • This desert outdoor cooler has a variable fan speed regulator to set speed from zero to full speed.
  • The fan consists of 3 SMC Fiberglass Blades of 50 inches in size each.
  • It has a power consumption of only 1100watt with the delivery of 48000 CMH airflow. 
  • This window air cooler is easy to clean, and it has a low maintenance cost. 
  • The controller has separator buttons to fan and pump. Thus, it can also be used as a fan only.
  • This evaporative desert air cooler has a large tank of 230 liters capacity and an auto water inlet connector.
  • Manual drain to remove water from the tank if the unit is not in use.
  • Fitted with a powerful 2HP motor and 3HP inverter.


CTAC-48 desert air cooler is suitable to cool huge spaces. 

  • Factories.
  • Garages.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Underground parking.
  • Public events.


AirflowTank Capacity
48000 CMH230 liters
Power Consumption VoltageVoltage / Frequency
1100 Watts 220V, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
Fan speed Pump on/off button
Variable fan speed 0 to full.Yes, Available.
Coverage AreaWater level indicator
5382 sq. feet/ 500 sq. Meters Yes, Available.
Yes, Available. Not Available.
Dimensions (H x W x D)Weight
220 x 180 x 88 cm160 kg

Please note: Specification and data may be subject to change without prior notice.


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FAQs of desert air coolers.

CTAC-48 desert evaporation cooler can cool up to 5382 square feet. It is fitted with a heavy-duty motor that delivers around 48000 cubic feet per hour of airflow. Thus, it is suitable for horse stables, airplane hangers, warehouses, and production floors.

How much area can CTAC-48 desert air cooler cool?

Yes, we can use regular tap water in these units. CTAC-48 units have a large water tank of 230 liters capacity. On top of it, you can connect a direct water supply connection to the cooler. The unit will automatically cut the water supply when the tank gets full.

UV sterilization lamps can kill bacterial present in the water. Water is supplied to the cooling pad through the UV lamp in the desert water cooler fan. When water passes over this UV lamp, it purifies water by removing bacteria. Hence, it helps to deliver clean and pure air.

How will UV sterilization lamps in air coolers help?

Please note that this model delivers massive air of 28252 CFM. Thus, there will be some sound of air delivery. However, there is no sound in the unit.

Yes, this air cooler has a separate on/off button for the pump on its control panel. You can stop the evaporation cooling process by eliminating the water supply to the cooling pad. Thus, users can use this system as a fan unit by switching off the pump. Evan on fan mode, this air cooler will deliver the same air quantity with variable speed.

Can this evaporative outdoor cooler be used as a fan?
CTAC-48 desert air cooler
CTAC 48 Desert Air Cooler

CTAC-48 is a powerful desert air cooler with a robust body casing. It is a portable evaporative cooling system with an airflow of 48000 CMH. This mobile unit can be installed as a window air cooler. Also, this desert cooler is fitted with a variable fan speed motor. Thus, users can set the at the required random speed. CtrlTech offers the best desert air cooler prices in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

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