VT-1C Water Air Cooler.

VT-1C Water Air Cooler.

VT-1C is an impressive water air cooler with 23000 cubic meters per hour air delivery. Also, it is the most economical water cooler available in the market. CtrlTech offers this model at a very affordable price. It is an eco-friendly, portable, and silent operating unit. A large tank with an auto floating valve makes it suitable for construction sites, party lawns, Gyps, & industrial use.

23000 m³/hr Airflow.
100 Liters water tank.
Large, thick, and Durable cooling pad.
VT-1C portable water air cooler.

VT-1C Air Cooler with water.

VT-1C is the best evaporative water air cooler with a water tank of 100 liters. It has an airflow of 23000 cubic meters per hour. Thus, it is an ideal option to serve large spaces. VT-1C uses the water evaporation principle to generate cold air. Therefore, it is fitted with a high-rank motor, pump, & cooling pad. This cooler is equipped with a solid & lockable wheel, making it portable. This Evap cooler has a facility to connect the water supply pipe directly. An inbuilt floating valve cuts the water supply when the tank gets full.

This desert air cooler consists of a control panel with an LCD panel and LED display. The Control panel has a “Lack of water” LED indicator that will glow when the water level gets low. In addition, the LCD control panel has a pump on and off, timer, blast, & power LED indicator. We also of roof-mounted swamp coolers & evaporative window coolers. Call CtrlTech today to check the water-air cooler price of this model.

Advantages of VT-1C Water air cooler.

  • VT-1C desert water air cooler has low power consumption with efficient cooling. Less than 1/3rd the cost of refrigerated air conditioning.
  • A completely natural process. Low water consumption.
  • The operating cost of this industrial cooler is meager as compared to Air conditioners.
  • AC cooler delivers Oxygen-rich fresh air to you.
  • The desert Cooler increases humidity in your home and gets rid of dry air.
  • The water desert cooler is environmentally friendly since it does not use refrigerant.
  • Easy to operate and maintain since it runs on water.
  • The body of Our evaporative cooler is made with high-quality, strong plastic, protected from corrosion. CtrlTech offers the best air cooler in UAE.


VT-1C water air coolers used in the following applications:

  • Industrial factories.
  • Horse stable.
  • Open restaurant.
  • Poolside.
  • Party events.
  • Ramadan Tents.
  • Construction sites.


AirflowTank Capacity
23000 CMH100 liters
Power Consumption VoltageVoltage / Frequency
1100 Watts 220V, 1ph, 50 Hz
Fan speed Pump on/off button
Three fan speeds.Yes, Available.
Coverage AreaWater level indicator
2690 sq. feet/ 250 sq. Meters Yes, Available.
WheelsSwing Function
Yes, Available. Yes, Available.
Dimensions (H x W x D)Weight
1120 x 720 x 1650 mm70 kg

Please note: Specification and data may be subject to change without prior notice.


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FAQs of water air coolers.

It is a device that delivers cool air using water evaporation. This water cooler has a fan that sucks the air via a cooling pad kept wet with water’s help. A pump continuously pours water on the top of the pad. When hot air passes through the damp pad, it loses heat to water and evaporates. Thus, the air gets cooled. It is the most economical option for cooling large spaces. CtrlTech offers the lowest water air cooler price in UAE.

Yes, there is an air cooler without water available. The air conditioner is the best example of it. ACs use refrigerant gas in the compressor to cool the air. However, most desert coolers work on the Water evaporation principle since water is a cheap and readily available source. Thus, using other sources than water will make the device more expensive.

Is there is any air cooler without water?

Yes, most of the air coolers use the variable speed motor. Thus, users can select fan speed from zero to full speed. VT-1C industrial cooler can run fast, medium, and slow fan speed. Users can choose the required fan speed from the control panel.

Can we select the fan speed of the air cooler?

Yes, an water air cooler fan can work without water as an ordinary fan when water gets finished. Due to lack of water, submersible water pumps can’t supply water to the cooling pad. And dry cooling pad will not cool the air. However, the device continues to deliver the air like a fan.

  • The air cooler has a limitation for lowering the temperature in the room. But, the air conditioner can design to lower air temperature as low as possible.
  • Water air coolers are light and plug-and-play devices. It does not need installation like the ACs.
  • The air conditioner uses refrigerant gases, one of the primary reasons for the Ozon layer depletion. The water cooler uses environment-friendly water for air cooling.
  • Evaporative water coolers can work efficiently in dry and hot climates. ACS can work in any weather condition.
  • Air conditioners are costlier than water outdoor coolers.
  • ACs require more electrical energy, and hence, they have a high operating cost, unlike water room coolers.
VT-1C Water Air cooler
VT 1C portable water air cooler.

VT-1C water air cooler is an impressive air cooler with water as a coolant. It has massive airflow of 23000 cubic meters per hour. For connecting hose pipe directly, this unit has an inbuilt floating valve. The large tank, robust body casing, thick cooling pad, and control panel are the unique selling points of this portable water cooler. Four strong wheels make this unit mobile. Since it works on the evaporative principle, it is eco-friendly with low power consumption. This AC cooler ensures the flow of Oxygen-rich fresh air continuously. It helps to increase the productivity of the staff. The operating cost of this evaporative water air cooler is minimal compared to the air conditioner. For the best air cooler in UAE, keep checking the CtrlTech website.

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