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Economical Evaporative Cooler.

Evaporative coolers are destined to operate with the water evaporation principle. Whenever hot air and water come in contact, the evaporation effect occurs. When the hot air passes through the wet pads installed within the evaporative air cooler, it absorbs some heat. Thus, it is more like a natural cooling process and delivers around 100% fresh filtered cool air. Moreover, they also require minimal space for installation. Suppose you are looking for a cheap evaporative cooling system manufacturer or brand. In that case, CtrlTech is the ideal brand to help you get one with high-end technology.

Evaporative desert coolers provide economical cooling for vast spaces like warehouses, manufacturing factories, parks, event lawns, and workshops. It is available in fixed and portable types with different airflow capacities. For home, mini coolers are used while for industry a desert units.

Evaporative cooler UAE.

CtrlTech Air Coolers

Our evaporative Cooler Models.

CtrlTech is the one-stop shop for all ranges of evaporative coolers. They offer portable, ducted, and fixed-type systems. Users can set fan speed, swing function, pump on/off, and timer from the controller. Worth mentioning that their units consist of a high-quality motor, pump, and thick evaporative cooler pads.

CTAC-18 Evaporative air cooler.

CTAC-18 Evaporative air cooler.



VT-28 evaporative cooler system.

VT-28 Evaporative cooling system.



CTAC-25 portable evaporative cooler.

CTAC-25 Portable evaporative cooler.



VT-1A Portable Air Cooler.

VT-1A Portable air cooler.



How does an Evaporative air cooler work?

Evaporative cooler parts consist of a cooling pad, blower fan, water pump, and controller housed inside the casing. It is designed with a freestanding rectangular box design. The backside of the cooler is covered with a large cooling pad, and a blower fan is fitted on the front side. The water tank is provided at the bottom side. The water pump continuously pumps water at a tray positioned at the top of the cooling pad. This tray is perforated, ensuring water flows on the topside of the pad always to keep it wet.

The blower fan sucks hot air through the wet pad. When hot air passes through a wet surface, it loses its temperature, and cold air gets delivered. Since air cooling is happening due to evaporation, it is known as an outdoor evaporative cooler. The controller helps to choose fan speed, switching on and off of fan and pump.

How does evaporative air cooler work?

CtrlTech Evaporative air cooler.

Our Evaporative air coolers have a high cooling capacity whenever the outside temperature rises. It produces 100% fresh air, eliminating the causes of sick building syndrome. The evaporative coolers work effectively even when the humidity level is around 60 to 65%. You can keep our evaporative coolers running throughout the day and night to keep the room cooler than the outside temperature. The consumption of power is less as compared to air conditioners. Thus, running them overnight for comfort won’t cost you much! We bring you the best evaporative air coolers at affordable pricing without compromising quality without using harmful emissions or synthetic refrigerants.

Best evaporative coolers make use of both electricity and water. The amount of water required for these coolers to give optimal cooling depends upon the amount of humidity for the day. The fan speed is also a dependent factor in deciding the amount of water required for the evaporative air coolers. If you opt for a smaller evaporative cooling system, you might need 4 liters of water every continuous running hour. But, if you are going with a central, evaporative air cooler system, you might need around 25 liters of water every hour. You need to arrange for a water connection nearby the evaporative units to make it convenient.

Applications of Evaporative coolers.

People of today are using evaporative air coolers for greenhouses to give plants a moderate temperature to grow. Apart from that, people also prefer to use an evaporative cooler for a warehouse to keep the room temperature under control for the safe storage of certain goods. Not just that, but you will see some people using an evaporative cooler for the garden. It depends upon how you want to enjoy the perks of these evaporative cooler systems units around your house or work! For more information and to know about your available options, reach out to us today!

There are industry-grade evaporative coolers available with CtrlTech, to help you use them at big workplaces to get adequate cooling around the premise. The mechanisms used in the industrial-grade coolers are pretty extraordinary. They are different from that of the household or portable evaporative coolers. You need to make sure that you pick the right sized cooler, depending upon the requirement and area of the room. There is a high-end impact of ventilation on industrial productivity. Suppose the workplace has a temperature beyond 22 degrees Celsius. In that case, the productivity drops by 2% for every degree above that.

Evaporative Air Cooler in UAE.

Evaporative air coolers are quite essential replacements for air conditioners. They are necessary to help you neutralize air quality and put up efficient ventilation around the room. If you intend to buy an evaporative air cooler in Dubai, UAE, then CtrlTech is one of the most proficient brands to help you out in the process. We offer ideal solutions that will concern your cooling needs and not hamper the environment. Suppose you have confusion about whether to prefer an air conditioner or an evaporative cooler, to enjoy the comfort of living during these summers and humid daytime. In that case, we can help you take a firm decision upon one.

We will suggest you go with an evaporative cooler unit, because of quite many reasons. You will not just get a calming and cooling breeze, but you will also save a lot of money on energy bills. Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and add up a heavy bill price at the end of every month. Hence, this should not be the case at all! You do not want your living expenses to exceed a specific budget after a certain period. Therefore, evaporative industrial coolers are embedded with equipment and parts that consume a minimal amount of electricity to run at an optimal pace.

The use of evaporative outdoor coolers has also proven helpful in any work environment. It intends to add comfort to your work premises and lets you carry on with your job at ease, without cribbing over the heat of the UAE. Believe it or not, evaporative air coolers can cool down the office rooms in no time. You cannot expect a portable evaporative cooler to cool down an entire office hall or an industrial space. But, preferably, you must have bought an appropriate-sized cooler that will help cool down the whole room in a short period.

Advantages of evaporative coolers

A high-quality evaporative duct cooler uses 100 % fresh air for cooling down a room or space. It draws outside air, filters it, cools it, and then throws it from the outlet to the room. In this way, the high-quality evaporative system does its job of preventing the scorching heat from making you restless at home or work. Suppose you are willing to get an evaporative air cooler for home. In that case, the CtrlTech air coolers can help you out with ideal assistance in picking up the right option to control your room temperature efficiently.

The room will be accommodated with a building, hall, and room to provide a productive and comfortable working space. The best part of using them in a workspace is that it offers good ventilation. A good source of ventilation makes way for fresh outside air to flow in. Using the right kind of evaporative cooler will help you cool down to 20 degrees Celsius below the temperature recorded outside the premise. Hence, the work environment becomes feasible for the employees and workers to work around to ensure high productivity.

With the use of an evaporative air cooler, you can intend to control the CO2 emissions. The best part about looking for an evaporative cooler over an air conditioner is that it doesn’t consist of any synthetic refrigerants for making the air cooler. The gases used mainly in the air conditioners and refrigerators, such as CFC or hydrofluorocarbons, are responsible for depleting the ozone layer. Hence, this is the greatest of all differences between evaporative cooler portable and air conditioners.

Air conditioners do nothing but re-circulate the stale air inside the room. Moreover, it is better to look for the best evaporative air cooler to ensure that you get 100% fresh air. Go to Google, and search for ‘evaporative air cooler near me.’ You will find CtrlTech, as a reliable option to help you beat this humid summer. An important selling point for an evaporative air cooler is that it operates 80% less running costs than air conditioners. CtrlTech ensures that every evaporative air cooler you buy from us will be of the best quality and efficiency to give you a healthy, comforting, and soothing breeze.

Air conditioners do indeed offer faster cooling, better humid control, and an immediate relaxing feel, but at the cost of what? Apart from that, one evident reason to go for an evaporative cooler over an air conditioner is its price. The evaporative cooler price in UAE, offered by CtrlTech, is affordable and reasonable compared to the blind price hikes on air conditioners. Therefore, it is time to step down a bit and give your coolers a chance to show you how proficient they are, compared to air conditioners.

All of this comfort comes at the cost of the environment. The gas released from air conditioners is not safe for humans and the environment. Slowly & steadily, the rise in air conditioners is about to degrade the environment’s sustainable potential. The ozone depletion and climate change are real! So, why not help control the usage of air conditioners and turn up for a more simplified form of cooling, evaporative coolers.

Before you go ahead and buy your evaporative air cooler system, you need to check on the key features that make this special. Or even better than air conditioners. So, before reaching out to use for buying any of the evaporative air cooler units, keep in mind the below features:

  • The evaporative air coolers are available in big sizes, just like air conditioners. They are known to use them in industrial premises or for more enormous halls or rooms. The availability of such coolers in different sizes intends to give you the convenience of choosing the one that suits your needs.
  • The evaporative air coolers come with a turbo cooling feature, in addition to ice. The air cooler allows the outside air to pass through wet pads and throws a cool breeze into the room. Adding ice to the air coolers’ given compartment will add a more soothing and cooling effect.
  • The fan speed of such coolers is adjustable, and you will get to use it as per your comfort and suitability. It helps you consume the cooling, depending upon your needs and preference.
  • There are some intelligent evaporative coolers for a home that comes with moving louvers. These louvers are controllable manually or remotely, as per the user’s convenience. Its job is to help direct the air around all the room areas. In this way, the evaporative air coolers support even cooling.
  • The modern evaporative air coolers now allow you to connect them to inverters. If the power outages are high in your area, your supply of cool air won’t be interrupted at all.

Evaporative cooler quality.

As the evaporative cooler uses filtered outside air for cooling down the room, or building, it improves the quality of air that circulates within the room. It means that you will breathe only fresh air, not the harmful air released by air conditioners. As per the medical experts, staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time can result in serious health problems. It will make your skin dry, affect your internal organs, and much more! Sooner or later, it will cause serious problems! Therefore, it is better to avoid using air conditioners on a rigorous habit, as it pollutes the air inside your house.


Some of the significant advantages of evaporative air coolers are as follow:

  • It is cost-effective that provides economical cooling.
  • Low power consumption. Hence, energy-efficient.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Easy maintenance. One can do it himself. 
  • No compressor or refrigerant gas is used. Thus, it is environmentally friendly.
  • It improves indoor air quality since it continuously pushes fresh air into the room. 
What are the advantages of evaporative coolers?

It is the cooling method in which cooling is achieved by evaporation of the water. When hot air passes through the wet pad, it transfers its heat to the pad and cools. In return, water-soaked in the place gets evaporated due to the absorption of heat from the air.

What is evaporative cooling?

Air coolers are energy savers, cheaper, and eco-friendly than air conditioners. Air conditioners can cause ozone depletion, but coolers do not use compressors and refrigerant gas at all. Also, the operation cost of an evaporative cooling system is much less than an AC.

How evaporative air cooler better than an air conditioner?

Evaporative cooler prices depend on their airflow capacity. These products are available from 6000 to 48000 CMH airflow. In Dubai, it costs start from AED 1200 to 15000 depending on its rating.

The evaporation cooling method is very effective in dry and hot weather conditions. In humid places, evaporation takes place at a prolonged rate and hampers the air cooling process. In contrast, when hot and dry air passes through a wet surface, evaporation occurs faster and hence cooling.

What is the best climate to use an evaporative cooler?

As the name suggests, it generates cold air through the evaporation process. A powerful fan sucks the hot air from outside through a wet cooling pad made up of Cellulose material. This Cellulose pad is always kept moist with the help of a water pump pouring water continuously on this pad. When hot air passes through this pad, it loses its heat to moisture, and the air gets cold. During this process, water on the cooling pad gets evaporates.

How evaporative coolers works?

Good quality cooling pads have a lifespan of up to 5 years with regular maintenance. Regular cleaning of these pads will increase its life. Also, during the offseason, make sure to dry these pads before moving into the storeroom

Evaporative air coolers generally have a large tank and facility to connect hose pipe connection. Also, it is fitted with a floating valve that helps disconnect the water supply automatically when the tank is full. Thus, you can connect a direct tap water supply to these coolers to avoid manual refilling of the tank.

Can we give a direct water supply to the evaporative cooler?

Yes, you can put ice into the tank to cool the water, but it will hardly help to improve cooling. In fact, when you use cold water, evaporation of the water gets slow.

Can we put ice in the air cooler tank?

There are mainly four different methods used to cool a greenhouse. Cooling by using pressure and exhaust fan our by discharging water mist are old traditional method. However, evaporative cooling is the best and most efficient way to keep the greenhouse cool. For a genuine evaporative cooler review, you can visit CtrlTech’s website.

Which is the best cooling method for the greenhouse?

Large cooling pads are installed on one side of the rectangular greenhouse. And on the opposite side, giant exhaust fans are installed. If the length of the greenhouse is more, then circulating fans are used in between. Water is continuously poured on the topside of the pad with the help of a tray and water pump. This process helps to keep the cooling pad wet always. The evaporative cooler motor fan sucks outside air through these pads, cooling evaporation air. Cold air passes through the greenhouse and is then pushed out by exhaust fans. Thus, plants get fresh air and cool air always.

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