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An industrial air cooler is formulated to provide powerful cooling to large commercial areas. The intolerable heat of work areas and fully occupied commercial sites make the place no less than a hell, which leads to the widespread use of these coolers. Industries, shopping complexes, cinema halls, restaurants, and many more places are equipped with an industrial cooler to reduce the heat and make the site more pleasant. Like all the other essential industrial desert coolers, they also work on the principle of evaporation to provide us with fresh and cool air by eco-friendly means.

Industrial air cooler fans come in two forms, portable and installed evaporative coolers. They both are, in their way, the best industrial air cooler to cover larger areas. They not only provide cool air but can also dehumidify the air by assuring cross ventilation. An industrial air cooler manufacturer provides a variety of coolers with the best working efficiency.

Industrial Air cooler.

CtrlTech Air Coolers

Our Industrial Air Cooler Models.

Want to buy an industrial cooler? Then check out the following models. These industrial coolers with water are designed with durable motors and pumps. CtrlTech offers a wide range that fits your budget and application. You can buy this industrial air cooler online through their shopping portal. This website will help you gain an in-depth understanding and provide you with considerable knowledge about them. So, let’s check out the following units.

CTAC-22 Industrial cooler.

CTAC-22 Industrial cooler.



VT-1B Industrial portable cooler.

VT-1B Industrial Water cooler.



CTAC-14 Room Cooler.

CTAC-14 Room cooler.



VT-1A Portable Cooler.

VT-1A Portable cooler.



Dubai’s best industrial air cooler.

The climate of Dubai is hot and humid, which makes the use of air coolers widespread all year long. Many manufacturers and suppliers provide the finest and most influential industrial air cooling systems. Port-A-Cool, CtrlTech, Outdoor cooler, Symphony, and industrial swamp cooler are some providers where you can get a good cooler. CtrlTech is the most trustworthy and suitable company for the best industrial air cooler in the UAE. 

CtrlTech (Control Technologies FZE) is an air cooler supplier based in Sharjah. They provide outdoor air coolers to all the Middle East countries. The products are manufactured with high-quality standard equipment and machines. They provide an airflow rate of 6000-34000 cubic meters per hour at reasonable pricing. For the decent industrial air cooler price in UAE, CtrlTech is the most suitable supplier.

Industrial water cooler in UAE.

Industrial cooler’s significance.

Who likes the humid and hot climate when the whole body becomes sweaty and itchy? The cool breeze making every part of your body thrilled with its coolness feels heavenly. Even the thought of it is very relaxing. Well, air coolers are here to provide this sensation to us. It is a device that includes cooling and fresh air without harming our environment. It works on a fundamental principle- evaporation. The water present in the air cooler tank evaporates and, in return, provides us with cool air.

A commercial air cooler has many types based on weather and requirements. Personal coolers are the best for smaller areas to cover the more prominent space. Tower air coolers are generally used. Some coolers are specially made according to their installment, like Window air coolers. And then comes Desert air coolers, which are favorable for humid and high-temperature areas. Industrial air coolers are generally used in huge industrial regions.

Features of Industrial Air Cooler.

  • The zero-emission rate of carbon makes air coolers fit for the environment and our health. 
  • The industrial air cooler ensures the continuous flow of cool air in the most hygienic way. 
  • They are easy to operate and maintain. Air cooler’s stability ensures that they run smoothly for an extended period.
  • Industrial air coolers with ducting consume less electricity and thus are economical. 
  • They provide a cooling sensation to a broader section of the area. 
  • The well-insulated body safeguards the coolers against any short circuit.

Thus, all these features of an industrial spot cooler make it the most prominent and in-demand product among consumers. They provide a pleasant workplace and boost the productivity of a firm. The best industrial air cooler is an asset to us and our environment.

CtrlTech industrial evaporative air cooler.

Dubai’s hot and arid weather needs a powerful cooler to provide coolness. CtrlTech is offering the perfect industrial evaporative cooler for a humid climate. At their shop, one can find these coolers in schools, gyms, hotels, and many such large spaces. The heavy-duty industrial air cooler is ideal for UAE’s climatic conditions. The airflow rate of 23000 cubic meters per hour makes it a great cooler. This powerful airflow can offer effective cooling to huge areas.

The industrial air cooler has a power consumption of 1100 W.It operates at 230 to 240 volts. Considering the coolness it provides, this kind of power consumption is economical. It consumes less energy, which saves your money, electricity, and resources. This industrial evaporative cooler is manufactured to effectively generate coolness to a vast area. It covers around 200-250 square meters., which is quite huge. It works efficiently in big industrial workplaces to offer them pleasant and cool surroundings.

Features of CtrlTech industrial air coolers.

CtrlTech industrial evaporative air cooler is equipped with a water tank that has a capacity of 100 liters. The vast volume eliminates the problem of filling the tank now and then. It comes with a water supply pipe that connects directly. Wheels are fixed at the bottom of the air cooler, making it easier to move and shift the cooler. The wheels of this air cooler are lockable, making it convenient to handle.

The evaporative cooler has an LCD panel with unique features that make it an advanced and high-tech cooler. A water indication feature lets you know when there is less water in the tank. One can switch the pump on and off and adjust the fan setting accordingly.

This industrial air cooler is one of the best and most effective coolers. It is easy to handle and operate. The installation process is straightforward. The low power consumption and low maintenance cost make it economical. The natural evaporative cooling process of the CtrlTech model makes it the best industrial air cooler and a leading choice for consumers.


There are mainly two types of units, portable and fixed types. Mobile units are fitted with wheels, and they can deliver up to 4800 CMH airflow. The fixed system needs installation, and it is available in different configurations such as window, wall, and roof-mounted. You can check air cooler prices in Dubai on google.

Mainly water consumption depends on the climate conditions of the cooling space. If the climate is humid, then the evaporation rate will be slow. On the other hand, the evaporation rate will be fast in dry weather. Thus, industrial air coolers will need more water in dry places than in humid ones. Also, unit capacity determines water use. Large coolers fitted with a big cooling pad and powerful fan. Thus, it needs more water to make the pad wet. And with a powerful fan, evaporation will also be fast. If the unit is fitted with a drainage valve, the system might use 40% more water.

The capacity of an industrial cooler is nothing but its ability to deliver the amount of air. We can get it in CMH by multiplying the cubic meter volume of the room to the air exchange cycle. Thus, we need to calculate the airflow (in CMH or CFM) capacity of the unit required for the space to cool.

CMH capacity of Industrial air cooler: AREA (sq. meter) x HEIGHT (m) x AIR EXCHANGE CYCLE.

The air exchange cycle is nothing but the number of times the air gets replaced with fresh air in an hour. It can be from 20 to 120 times for industrial sites depending on the area, crowd, temperature, smell, etc.

  • The unit should be sturdy with solid wheels.
  • Check the quality of the motor, pump, and wiring.
  • The airflow of the system should be sufficient for your room size.
  • The industrial desert cooler should have a control panel to set speed, switch on/off the pump, and swing.
  • The cooling pad should be thick and should have a large size.
  • Body casing should be made up of good fiber. It should be power coated and painted if it is of metal.

Both have their pros and cons. An installed type unit is more suitable for vast spaces than a mobile type. Some of the differences are as follows:

  1. Portable industrial coolers are cheaper than central coolers.
  2. Fixed coolers are more energy efficient.
  3. Fixed units are less noisy since it is placed outside of cooling space. 
  4. Air coolers with wheels are plug-n-play devices. Hence, No installation is needed.
  5. Installed industrial air coolers can be made of customize capacity as per requirement. 

These are high capacity units which generally used at

  • Warehouses.
  • Production floor.
  • Construction sites.
  • Large event tents.
  • Workshops.
  • Horse stable.
  • Airplane hanger.

You can purchase an industrial air cooler online from the CtrlTech company website. To make it easy, you can select a model with the help of the selection tool by entering the area to be cooled. CtrlTech will deliver the unit to your place. They are amongst the best air cooler suppliers in UAE.

How to buy an industrial cooler?

Buying an industrial air cooling system can be a crucial process. One invests money in it, so it’s necessary to research all the basic features and requirements. Let’s know about some of the essential yet critical points to remember before buying an industrial air cooler.

  • Climate: It’s not a feature, but it is worth mentioning. People usually make mistakes by purchasing coolers that are not suitable for their environment. There are varieties of industrial air cooler systems made especially for particular climate types. To get the best output and most effective cooling buy a cooler fit for the surrounding weather.
  • Speed: A decent air cooler can provide a high rate of airflow. The fan’s speed is vital as it determines the coolness that can spread all over the place. Usually, go for the air cooler that provides the speed regulation system.
  • Pad’s Thickness: It is something that gets neglected very often. The pad thickness is a crucial feature of an excellent industrial duct air cooler. For an excellent performance, it should not fall below 90mm.
  • Ecofriendly: The most attractive feature of an industrial swamp cooler is eco-friendlyBut very often, to make a profit, some manufacturers use elements that harm nature. So do good research and buy the best air cooler for you.
  • Installation and Durability: Industrial outdoor coolers should have an easy installation process and maintenance to lead to long-term stability.

The list does not stop here; there are many more features that Customers should consider before buying an industrial air cooler system. Do your homework correctly, and then go for the best Industrial air cooler that can satisfy your needs and is worth your money.

Industrial air cooler in Dubai.

Providing clean and cool air in hot and humid regions is always challenging, especially in the UAE. Due to the increased global warming level, cooling the larger area and maintaining stability call for a good, quality evaporative industrial air cooler. With the increase in demand and competition, one can find an enormous range of products. That makes choosing a suitable industrial air cooler according to weather and requirement tricky. Let’s get familiar with the high-quality air cooler.

Buy air cooler online from CtrlTech.

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