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There are many options to escape the hot and humid weather outside. One of the affordable ways is to use the outdoor cooler. But many of them harm our nature and health. With the ongoing situation of earth, it has become vital to choose the products that offer the least harm to our environment. Outdoor air coolers are the best representation of such products. They are the machine that provides us chilled and clean air without pressuring the environment. They soothe the temperature and make the surroundings pleasant and relaxed. CtrlTech outdoor cooler Dubai is reputed manufacture of such products.

These outdoor mini coolers are based on the evaporation cooling method. The water present in the cooler’s water tank needs heat to raise its temperature and evaporate. They trap this heat from their surroundings and, in return, provide a cooling sensation. The method is economical yet straightforward, which leads to the great demand for these coolers among consumers.

Outdoor Cooler Dubai.

CtrlTech Air Coolers

Our Outdoor Cooler Models.

Based on target space and outside weather, there are numerous air coolers to fulfill our requirements. Some of them are industrial, evaporative, and desert coolers. And based on its orientation, it can be a tower, mobile, and portable outdoor cooler with wheels. Let’s see different models of outdoor portable coolers supplied by CtrlTech at a reasonable price.

CTAC-32 Outdoor air cooler Dubai.

CTAC-32 Outdoor air cooler.



VT-1D outdoor warehouse cooler.

VT-1D Outdoor warehouse cooler.


125 LITERS TANK & 1500Watt MOTOR

VT-1A outdoor mini cooler.

VT-1A Outdoor mini Cooler.


60 LITERS TANK & 290 Watt MOTOR.

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VT-24 Outdoor Cooler Fan.

VT-24 Outdoor Cooler Fan.



Outdoor cooler Dubai, UAE.

The climatic condition of the UAE has always been unbearable. The hot and arid air that blows over the land makes the outside environment extremely warm and intolerable. Providing coolness to almost the whole country every second becomes demanding. The outdoor cooler is the best selection to eradicate heat in Dubai. One can find plenty of different sites and companies that provide the latest coolers at exceptional pricing. Keeping their budget and needs in mind, one can buy their ideal outdoor Cooler in Dubai, UAE from Climate plus, CtrlTech Hydrocool Co and many more manufacturers.

One can face difficulty deciding which outdoor cooler provider is the best among these manufacturers. Looking at all the specifications and details, we have found that the coolers that CtrlTech gives are the most promising and prominent. CtrlTech is known for its reasonable outdoor cooler price.

Outdoor air cooler UAE.

They are manufactured with complete dedication to providing ease in the unendurable weather of Dubai. Also, CtrlTech supplies their portable and installed coolers to all the Gulf countries. The efficiency and effectiveness of these coolers are of top quality.

What is an outdoor cooler?

An outdoor cooler is built to generate effective cooling to large open spaces. Restaurants, Stadiums, BBQ grounds, parks, and many indoor areas use these coolers. ‘To reduce the temperature of the surroundings to minimal and provide the best functioning and comforting atmosphere. Outdoor portable coolers, just like any other basic cooler, are based on evaporation. The cooling pads present in them soak water and thus blow air. For this very reason, the outdoor pool Cooler in UAE is trendy.

You can find portable and installed air coolers at your convenience. They both provide extensive cooling and come with excellent working efficiency. Despite the massive size of some, outdoor air cooler Dubai is easy to handle and maintain. They work best in ventilated areas and provide a mesmerizing experience. Mentioned ahead are the significant features of the best outdoor cooler.

We hope you now understand all about an outdoor cooling unit. For any further queries, we are here to answer you.

Advantages of outdoor air cooler.

  • Unlike other air conditioning machines, outdoor Evaporative air cooler doesn’t emit harmful gases that deform the environment.
  • Not only is it suitable for our nature but also our healthy body. They do not weaken our bones and hence keep us fresh and fit.
  • They deliver chilled and clean air to a vast open space. Their working efficiency is more significant than other cooling devices.
  • The outdoor patio cooler is easy to function and costs less for maintenance and installation.  
  •  The less electricity consumption makes them highly economical electrical appliances. 
  • They work on a fundamental and common scientific principle- evaporation. 

These features make the outdoor cooler a creditable device that generates cool and fresh air and benefits our business by increasing human labor’s performance and working efficiency. All these reasons make these cooler a top choice among consumers.

CtrlTech Outdoor coolers.

CtrlTech offers a highly potent outdoor garden cooler that delivers chilled solid air. It is best suitable for outdoor open and semi-open spaces. It is one of the best outdoor air coolers in Dubai. The hot weather of the UAE makes it unbearable to spend much time outside. This outdoor mist cooler makes the surroundings cold and pleasant. The Cooler is found in restaurants, parks, stadiums, and more open places. It can also be equipped in big homes and poolsides, making it the most effective outdoor pool cooler.

Looking at CtrlTech’s outdoor cooler specifications, one can tell that it is an excellent cooler without any doubt. It is highly economical in comparison to other coolers. It only consumes less power, saving money and electricity, making it an asset to the business. The outdoor cooler with wheels generates strong airflow of 6000 to 48000 cubic meters per hour. It has the power to cool an area up to 200 to 300 square meters. The air cooler is highly suitable for vast regions.

Features of CtrlTech coolers.

This outdoor cooler fan is equipped with a water tank of a capacity of 130 liters. It is equipped with a water pipe that connects directly. It has a unique feature of disconnecting the water supply when water tanks get full which conserves water. The LCD panel indicates when there is a shortage of water. The panel also has timer and cooling options. The fan provides air in all orientations and can be set at three different speeds accordingly.

CtrlTech outdoor garden cooler works on the evaporation process, making it environment friendly and not negatively affecting health. It delivers fresh air that is rich in oxygen with a potential that is expected from high-tech coolers. It has low power consumption, way too lesser than air conditioners. This outdoor cooler consumes less power and less water. Also, it reduces the humidity level and dry air.

The outdoor cooler is easy to install and maintain. The insulated body protects it from all kinds of wear-tear and corrosion. It works effectively for an extended period. So, without any doubt, it is one of the best and most handy outdoor coolers for regions like the UAE, where the weather is exceptionally harsh and intolerable.


What is an outdoor cooler?

Why do we need an outdoor air cooler?

How to select outdoor cooler capacity?

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor coolers?

Where is an outdoor cooler used?

Which is more Eco-friendly; AC or air cooler?

Which are the best outdoor cooler models?

Outdoor cooler buying guide.

Before buying anything, one should do a thorough analysis of the aspect of the products. The same factor is valid for the outdoor cooling system. Investing in such kinds of coolers should be profitable to the consumer. And this can be assured by checking the following vital features before buying any evaporative outdoor Cooler.

  • Working Efficiency: The most critical feature of the cooler is its working efficiency. A decent outdoor cooler should deliver cool air with excellent efficiency. The speed of the fan decides the airflow rate.
  • Weather: Always go for the air coolers that best suit the weather condition outside. Some air coolers are made to reduce the humidity more effectively than others.
  • Cooling Pads: The cooling pads are critical for air coolers as they moisten and blow air in return. The thicker the pad, the more water will get absorbed, and thus, the unit will work more effectively.
  • Maintenance: The outdoor cooler system is generally compact and easy to handle. Its simple structure makes its maintenance hustle-free and costs less.
  • Nature friendly: The main reason customers prefer coolers over ac is their eco-friendly nature. They do not damage our environment and our health in any way. Always look at the manufacturing details before you buy any outdoor cooler.
  • Electricity usage: Before buying a cooler, it is necessary to know its power consumption. The electricity usage of coolers is generally low. 

Gain enough knowledge about outdoor coolers and their specifications to buy the right one for you. A water cooler outdoor has emerged to great heights as they are profitable for us in all aspects. Providing fresh and chilled air, making the surroundings pleasant, and above all doesn’t even alter our nature. All these factors are the kinds of things that one searches for from an excellent air-cooling device.

Outdoor Air Cooler quality.

Increased demand for an outdoor air cooler for rent and sale has led to a vast quantity of different products. The competition among the manufacturers has always led to the advantage of consumers. They get great results that prove to be beneficial for them. You can buy the best outdoor mist coolers as per your choice.

From a standard cooler, one expects many things. From its airflow rate, and electricity consumption to area coverage, many factors determine the quality of an outdoor pool cooler. Let’s gain some immense insights into the most fantastic cooler available in the UAE.

Buy air cooler online from CtrlTech.

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