CTAC-32 Outdoor Air Cooler

CTAC-32 outdoor Air Cooler.

Outdoor air coolers solve the issue of cooling open spaces. It is practically impossible to achieve outdoor cooling with the help of an air conditioner at an affordable price. CtrlTech outdoor cooler Dubai offers a range of products to use in party lawns, gardens, tents, and yards. They have a fleet of outdoor air coolers for rent for long-term use. CTAC-32 model can deliver 32000 cubic meters per hour airflow.

32000 m³/hr Airflow.
180 Liters water tank.
Stepless speed control.
CTAC-32 outdoor air cooler system.

Introduction to outdoor air cooler.

Outdoor evaporative cooler’s working is so simple that everyone doubts whether these units can deliver cool air. But, if one compares the cost to benefits of ACs and outdoor air coolers, then later is a clear winner. It can work amazingly in dry climates. However, its cooling capacity is not very efficient in humid places. CTAC-32 outdoor cooling fan has a variable-speed motor to control airflow as per the hot and humid climate.

CTAC-32 is as good as an outdoor air conditioner at a low cost. This outside cooling fan has a large water tank and control panel for easy operation. Due to its high airflow, it does not have a swing shutter function. However, the air through length is very high. Users can switch off the pump and use this unit as a simple outdoor cooling fan unit. It is fitted with a 1.5 HP powerful motor and a thick cooling pad. This pad also helps to filter the dust.

Outdoor air cooler features.

  • CTAC-32 outdoor air cooler has a facility of fixing UV light lamp to make water bacterial free and hence air. 
  • At 960 watts of power, this outdoor ac cooler delivers 32000 cubic meters per hour air.
  • It is supported with sturdy and lockable wheels that make it portable.
  • Water inlet connection with a faucet enables water supply hose connection and automatic water regulation.
  • It delivers cold air without water mist. Thus, it is suitable to use equipment rooms.
  • Inverter fan motor makes this outdoor cooler the most energy-saving unit.

Where can an outdoor air cooler be used?

CTAC-48 desert air cooler is suitable to cool huge spaces. 

  • Poolside.
  • Zoos and Animal sheds. 
  • Desert safari tents.
  • Oilfield ridge.
  • Open restaurants.
  • Exhibition centers.
  • Open yard markets


AirflowTank Capacity
32000 CMH180 liters
Power Consumption VoltageVoltage / Frequency
960 Watts 220V, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
Fan speed Pump on/off button
Variable fan speed 0 to full.Yes, Available.
Coverage AreaWater level indicator
3229 sq. feet/ 300 sq. Meters Yes, Available.
Yes, Available. Not Available.
Dimensions (H x W x D)Weight
186 x 155 x 81 cm120 kg

Please note: Specification and data may be subject to change without prior notice.


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FAQs of outdoor air coolers.

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CTAC-32 Outdoor Air Cooler
CTAC 32 outdoor air cooler system.

A genuine CTAC-32 outdoor air cooler has massive airflow and a trendy design. This outdoor cooling fan can deliver 32000 cubic meters per hour of air with the help of a 1.5 HP motor and 42-inch fan. It is a mobile unit with four solid and lockable wheels. The body casing of the CTAC-32 outdoor ac cooler is light and durable. The cooling pad is made up of celluloid material, and it thickness is up to 40 cm. Thus, this outdoor air cooler fan can cool air quickly. CtrlTech outdoor air cooler Dubai offers many models to use in the open space. But, CTAC-32 is specially designed for this application. The front grill has a swing motor so that cold air can spread. The users can add water manually or connect a hosepipe to the unit. CTAC-32 is often used inside the Zoos and Animal sheds, Desert safari tents, Oilfield ridge, Open restaurants, Exhibition centers, & Open yard markets. Due to its unique design, outdoor air cooler prices are higher than regular units, but it is worth it. For outdoor air cooler rent in Dubai, contact CtrlTech for affordable prices.

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Price Valid Until: 2024-12-31

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