Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

CtrlTech is larges desert air cooler supplier in Dubai, UAE. They are supplying industrial air cooler in UAE, Oman & Qatar from last eight years. Industrial cooler offered by CtrlTech are best in quality and reliability. #desertcooler #UAE #AbuDhabi. CtrlTech offered outdoor cooler from capacity of 7000 to 26000 cubic meter per hour. Fan Motor of CtrlTech desert cooler made with high quality copper and insulation and can withstand high temperature. Pump is very powerful and push water to top of cooling pad. Cooling pad of evaportive cooler is thick and made up of high quality material.

Desert air cooler for optimistic

Industrial cooler models by CtrlTech.

Air cooler or desert cooler supplier in UAE, Oman. #aircooler #desertcooler #UAE #Oman

CtrlTech is industrial air cooler supplier. They offer following range of water air cooler.

1) VT-1A evaporative cooler with air flow of 7000 CMH.
2) VT-24 Outdoor cooler with air flow of 12000 CMH.
3) VT-1B industrial cooler with air flow of 18000 CMH.
4) VT-1C Desert air cooler with air flow of 22000 CMH.
5) VT-1D Outdoor air cooler with air flow of 26000 CMH.

CtrlTech air cooler offer these units in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Fujairah, Al Ain, Muscat, UAE and Oman.

Where to buy air cooler in Dubai?

You can buy air cooler from CtrlTech from their showroom or through their online shop. They offer free installation and delivery. All CtrlTech air coolers carry one year warranty. Contact CtrlTech on following address:

Control Technologies

SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


contact them on above address for all kind of Air cooler.

Five features air cooler should have.

Five features air cooler should have.

Air cooler should have following five features. #aircooler #desertcooler #Dubai #Abudhabi. While selecting outdoor cooler user should make sure that cooler should have these five features. These five features will make sure your purchased desert cooler performs well.

Five Features of Desert cooler.

  • Large Water Tank & hose pipe connection: Unit should have large water tank to store more water. Water consumption is depend on heat level of air which it going to intake. And places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in hot summer temperature rise to more than 50 deg C and hence temperature of intake air. So it better to have large water tank. Also it better to have hose connection point with internal floating valve to connect water supply pipe.
  • Low power consuming motor with high airflow: Motor is heart of air cooler. And power efficient motor is in interest of consumer to save running cost but without compromising of air flow. CtrlTech desert air cooler fitted with low power consuming motor with high airflow.
  • Thick evaporative pad: Hot air suck through evaporation pad which kept wet with help of water poured on pad with help of pump. When hot air passed through this wet pad it will loose temperature. And hence more thicker the pad more temperature will loos for hot air and cold air get delivered.
  • Strong lockable wheels: Unit should have first of all very strong wheel since weight of unit will fully filled water tank going to be very high. These wheel should sustain this weight when it stand or when it moves with filled tank. Also these wheels should be lockable.
  • Swing Function: This function allows evaporative air cooler to through air in 180 degree horizontally. Hence we industrial air cooler can cover large space.

Outdoor cooler Supplier in UAE.

If you are looking for buying air coolers in UAE then you can get in touch with CtrlTech. They offer following models:

  • VT-24 Industrial air cooler
  • VT-1C Desert air cooler
  • VT-1D Outdoor air cooler
  • VT-1A Industrial air cooler.


Desert Air cooler in UAE and Oman

Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to save power and hence your Money. #aircooler #ctrltech4u #UAE #evaporative. Evaporative air coolers delivers more cool air with consumption of low power.

Evaporative Cooler Vs Air conditioner.

Evaporative cooler has motor, pump and evaporative pad. Power consuming device in these air coolers is only low motor and and pump. Power consumption of pump is very low. Motor loaded with low weight blades with can be rotate at high frequency at given power of motor and hence it deliver high air flow. If you want to have air conditioner with similar airflow the power consumption of air conditioner going to be multiple times higher than evaporative coolers.

Air coolers Supplier.

CtrlTech offers portable evaporative air cooler in Dubai, UAE. These air coolers has capacity to delivery air from 6000 to 48000 cubic meter per hour. These are best portable air coolers with high reliability. contact CtrlTech now:

Control Techologies FZE

PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE.

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


Evaporative air cooler-save power,save money& stay cool

Desert cooler; its advantages and benefits

Desert cooler; its advantages and benefits

Desert cooler works on evaporation principle and hence it also called as evaporative desert air cooler or outdoor cooler. To give brief understanding of system, it consist of fan motor, water pump, evaporative pad and body of unit. Evaporation pad fixed on back or/and sides of units. Fan motor mounted in middle in a such way that it will suck air through pad and through it from front side of unit. At bottom a water tank is designed in which submersible pump is placed. This cooler pump push water at top of unit and designed made in such way that this water poured at top surface of pad which in turn make pad wet.  Since cooler pump is continuous in operation, hence pad will remain wet all the time. When user starts cooler, fan will suck air through wet pad and hence as per evaporation principle temperature of air goes down and becomes cold. this cold air through out.  Now there are certain advantages of these Evaporation desert cooler.


Advantages of Desert Air cooler working on evaporation principle.

There are many advantages of these outdoor cooler but 7 advantages are major which we are going to discuss as follow:

  • VT-1c Desert cooler for oudoor use works on evaporative principleLow initial cost: Cost of desert air cooler is much less than cost of air conditioner of equivalent air flow. Due to low initial cost it is affordable masses and hence country like India and China evaporative air cooler are very popular. Also due to its low cost many large factories and production centers prefers these unit of avoid large CAPEX.
  • Electricity Saving:  An air cooler consumes only 1/4th of electric power than that of air conditioner of equivalent air flow. Hence certainly for large space it is always recommended to go or evaporation desert cooling to save electricity and hence running cost.
  • Environmental Friendly: These outdoor air cooler only uses water as ingredient. There is no use of Freon gases or chemical coolant which use in air conditioner.  Also as explain above industrial desert cooler consumes very low electricity hence these cooler are more environmental friendly than air conditioner.
  • Healthy preposition: As explain working in first paragraph, desert air cooler takes fresh air from backside and through it to space and this air now exhaust out. Hence at every time outdoor air cooler brings fresh air in room. However in case of air conditioner same air is recirculated.
  • Work as Humidifier: Since outdoor air cooler work on evaporation principle, when fresh air passes through wet pad it becomes cold and humid. Hence air coming out from air cooler will have humidity and which help to increase humidity in room and help to reduce respiratory problem and skin issues due to dryness.
  • Plug and Play Device: Installation of these coolers are very easy. Just need to put water and connect to power and start unit. Units are very much very easily movable. From control panel of evaporative air coolers user can adjust fan speed at low, medium or high. Pump and can be switch off and unit can be use as simple FAN also.
  • Low Maintenance: The coolers virtually do not need any regular maintenance as such. You need to fill water tank once and then it works at its own. If user wants to avoid refilling of tank manually then there is provision for connecting water supply pipe directly to unit since unit has floating valve built in which will cut water supply when tank gets full.

Buy Desert cooler in Dubai, UAE.

CtrlTech is one of the oldest and largest desert cooler supplier in Dubai, UAE. They offer outdoor cooler ranging from 6000 to 48000 Cubic meter per hour air flow. VT-1A evaporative air cooler, VT-24 outdoor cooler, VT-1C desert cooler, VT-28 evaporative air cooler are some of the best models of CtrlTech Coolers.

To get catalogue and quotation; please contact following:


PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113



Some of our desert air cooelr:

Name of Product: VT-24 outdoor cooler

Image: VT-24 outdoor air cooler supplier Dubai, UAE.

Brand Name: CtrlTech

Price: AED 2,900.00

Availability: Yes

Product ID: VT246000UAE-2011-2900-W715

Rating: 4.5

Votes: 111

Description: VT-24 desert air cooler has airflow of 12000 CMH. This cooler has built in tank of 60 liters and it has facility of connecting water supply pipe to avoid refilling of tank manually. Unit is thick evaporation pad with long life. Intake of fresh air from back side through pad and exhaust of cold air from front side. Unit has horizontal and vertical grill to direct cold air. Horizontal grill is manually operated while vertical grill is motor operated and it can be activated from front panel of unit.

Desert cooler or Outdoor cooler or evaporative air cooler

Evaporative Industrial Outdoor desert air cooler.

VT-48 desert air cooler in DubaiIn this article we will try to understand basics of air cooler which commonly called as desert cooler. Evaporative coolers are economical way of cooling. It is commonly use in large areas like factory, bus stop, lawn, hospital, marriage hall etc. It has many advantages over air conditioning unit. In this article we will try to understand different parts of desert cooler and functions of each part. Also we will try to understand working of evaporative cooler.


Working principle of an evaporative portable air coolers is simple. It consisting you Fan, Fan motor, Cooling Pad, Pump and controller. Fan is attached directly to motor which sucks air through cooling pad. Pump continuously drops water at top of cooling pad so that cooling pad always wet and water film get form at cooling pad. Controller controls motor and fan. From controller one can switch on/off air cooler, set speed, switch on/off pump, set timer etc.

how desert cooler workWorking: When you switch on air cooler, fan motor start rotating and so as fan. Fan sucks air from back side which passes through wet pad. As mentioned before pump continually pours water on tope of pad due to which pad get wet and water film get formed at pad. Hot Air passing though wet pad get in touch with water in pad and looses it’s thermal energy instantly which leads to drop in temperature of hot air and cold air get pushed by fan. In many desert cooler design in steady of cooling pad desert cool rediators are get use. To reduce temperature of air from desert cooling system, two pads are get use in some designs which called as Two stage Evaporative cooler.

Advantages of Evaporative Desert cooler.

As mentioned before evaporative type desert air cooler has many advantages. Major advantages as follow:

  • Low Running cost: Evaporative air cooler has 90% less operating cost than that of traditional refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Low Electricity Power requirement: Desert air cooler take low power than air conditioner.
  • Lower Peak Energy Requirement: Evaporative coolers has lower peak energy requirement which will give benefit of low cost wiring and these cooler can be use with solar energy also.
  • Desert cooler air conditioning has low maintenance cost than refrigerant type air conditioner.
  • Portable evaporative air coolers are more environment friendly than refrigerant type of air conditioner.

Video of VT-48 Desert cooler