Air cooler for Outdoor evaporative desert cooling.

Air cooler for Outdoor evaporative desert cooling.

Air cooler for Outdoor evaporative Desert cooling. #aircooler #DesertCooler #OutdoorCooler #UAE Evaporative desert air cooler getting widely adopt for cooling of large industrial spaces. It is practically impossible to cool large product plat area with air conditioner. Evaporative outdoor air cooler not only has low cost for equipment but also running cost. Secondly these industrial air cooler can cool spaces without air tight.  Industrial cooler offered by CtrlTech offer most economical air cooler price.

Desert cooler price range in Dubai, UAE.

Air cooler prices in Dubai UAE is raging from AED 1900 to 3900 for industrial cooler. When we say air cooler then it is about Outdoor desert cooler of large capacity only and not home coolers.
  1. VT-1A industrial air cooler having air flow of 6000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liter water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, Tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when tank is full etc. Unit price AED 1900/
  2. VT-24 industrial air cooler having air flow of 12000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liter water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, Tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when tank is full etc.  Unit price AED 2600/-
  3. VT-1B industrial air cooler having air flow of 18000 M³/hr. Control panel, 60 liter water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, Tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when tank is full etc. Unit price AED 2900/-
  4. VT-1C industrial air cooler having air flow of 22000 M³/hr. Control panel, 100 liter water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, Tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when tank is full etc. Unit price AED 3400/-
  5. VT-1D industrial air cooler having air flow of 26000 M³/hr. Control panel, 126 liter water tank, control panel for on/off, speed setting, Tank empty indication, valve to disconnect water supply when tank is full etc. Unit price AED 3900/-


CtrlTech offers wide range of evaporative outdoor coolers. list of models are as follow:

  1. VT-24 Outdoor air cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meter per hour and 45 liter tank.
  2. VT-28 Industrial air cooler with airflow of 14000 cubic meter per hour and 60 liter tank.
  3. VT-1A Evaporative air cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meter per hour and 45 liter tank.
  4. VT-1C Desert air cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meter per hour and 100 liter tank.
  5. VT-24 Desert cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meter per hour and 126 liter tank.
Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

Desert Air Cooler Supplier in UAE. #aircooler

CtrlTech is larges desert air cooler supplier in Dubai, UAE. They are supplying industrial air cooler in UAE, Oman & Qatar from last eight years. Industrial cooler offered by CtrlTech are best in quality and reliability. #desertcooler #UAE #AbuDhabi. CtrlTech offered outdoor cooler from capacity of 7000 to 26000 cubic meter per hour. Fan Motor of CtrlTech desert cooler made with high quality copper and insulation and can withstand high temperature. Pump is very powerful and push water to top of cooling pad. Cooling pad of evaportive cooler is thick and made up of high quality material.

Desert air cooler for optimistic

Industrial cooler models by CtrlTech.

Air cooler or desert cooler supplier in UAE, Oman. #aircooler #desertcooler #UAE #Oman

CtrlTech is industrial air cooler supplier. They offer following range of water air cooler.

1) VT-1A evaporative cooler with air flow of 7000 CMH.
2) VT-24 Outdoor cooler with air flow of 12000 CMH.
3) VT-1B industrial cooler with air flow of 18000 CMH.
4) VT-1C Desert air cooler with air flow of 22000 CMH.
5) VT-1D Outdoor air cooler with air flow of 26000 CMH.

CtrlTech air cooler offer these units in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Fujairah, Al Ain, Muscat, UAE and Oman.

Where to buy air cooler in Dubai?

You can buy air cooler from CtrlTech from their showroom or through their online shop. They offer free installation and delivery. All CtrlTech air coolers carry one year warranty. Contact CtrlTech on following address:

Control Technologies

SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


contact them on above address for all kind of Air cooler.

Air cooler to beat heat of Summer.

Air cooler to beat heat of Summer.

CtrlTech lunched new air cooler model to beat hot summer in Dubai and middle East. #aircooler #dubai #UAE #ctrltech4u High heat of summer can be beat with help of air conditioner which has high running cost. Hence all user as specially industrial installations needs cheap solution to air conditioned then spaces.

What is advantages of Evaporative Outdoor Cooler?

One of the main advantage of the evaporative coolers is that, these coolers has low initial and running cost. For example air cooler with motor of 1100 watts can deliver airflow up to 22000 CMH and if you want same quality airflow air conditioner then it will come and very high price. Also Power consumption of air conditioner is much higher than the desert cooler. These evaporative air coolers do not need installation. It is plug and play device. Control panel of these desert air cooler is very user friendly and any one can operate it.

Desert air cooler to beat summer heatCtrlTech Desert Cooler.

CtrlTech is well know brand in evaporative cooling industry. We are offering our evaporative air coolers in Middle East from last one decade. We offer portable air coolers of industrial grade. Product line includes:

  • VT-1A Desert cooler of air flow 6000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-24 Industrial air cooler of air flow 12000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-28 Industrial cooler of air flow 14000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-1B outdoor cooler of air flow 18000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-1C Desert air cooler of air flow 22000 cubic meter per hour. &
  • Newly launched VT-1D outdoor air cooler of air flow 26000 cubic meter per hour.

To get more details about CtrlTEch desert cooler, please contact:

Control Technologies 

PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE.

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


Industrial air cooler for all applications

Industrial air cooler for all applications

CtrlTech offers Industrial air cooler for all applications. These air coolers works on evaporation principle. These desert coolers are very economical in operation and consumes low power and delivers high air flow.  It consists of Thick pad which made wet and kept wet with help of submersible water pump which located at bottom water tank. Fan exact air though this wet pad and hence temperature of air reduces and this cooler delivers cold air.

Applications of Desert coolers.

Desert air cooler are commonly use for following applications:

  1. Public gathering places like marriage hall, bus stop, schools, canteens etc.
  2. These outdoor air cooler use in horse stables, camel breeding, poultry farms and Zoo.
  3. Due to its capacity to delivery high air flow this outdoor coolers use in Military installations also.
  4. These evaporative coolers use in labor camps.
  5. This evaporative air coolers also use in Green house installations.
  6. These Industrial coolers use in open restaurants, outdoor swimming pools and lawns.
  7. These air coolers use in Ramadan Tents.
  8. These use in various industries such as rubber, food, stone cutting, leather, metallurgy etc.

Buy These Industrial cooler.

You can buy these industrial coolers in UAE from CtrlTech. Their contact details are as follow

Control Technologies

PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone. Sharjah, UAE.

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


Industrial air cooler or desert cooler

VT-1A Outdoor air cooler for UAE, Oman & Qatar.

VT-1A Outdoor air cooler for UAE, Oman & Qatar.

In this article we are going to understand features and advantages about VT-1A outdoor cooler offered by CtrlTech in UAE, Oman & Qatar. VT-1A desert air cooler is one of the best outdoor cooler for restaurants, security cabins, outdoor parties etc. This outdoor portable air cooler is offered with powerful motor which can generates 6000 CMH airflow. This Evaporative cooler is equipped with control panel from which user can set fan speed at low / medium/ high mode or turn on/off pump. This panel also show low water indication in case water is low in tank. Tanks of this unit is 60 liter capacity and it can be fill manually of direct water pipe connection also can be connected. Cooling pad has large area and protected by another mesh grill.  Get best air cooler Dubai price from CtrlTech.


Basic principle of this outdoor cooler is as follows: water evaporation drives away the surrounding heat and causes the temperature to cool down.

Its working principle is that negative pressure occurs because of wind draining by exhaust fan: air goes through wet congruent cooling pad and the motor pump continuously transports water to the pipes and cooling pad at the same time.

Air cooler is a product made in accordance with European high technology. The basic theory for reducing heat is water evaporation; carry all the heat of the surrounding area and it reduces the air’s temperature.

The water continuously wetting the cooling pad surface evenly and the wet cooling pad angle makes the water current flow to the side od wind inlet, cooling pad angle makes the water current flow to the side of wind inlet, absorbing a certain amount of heat from the air, which cools down upon contact with the cooling pad.

The wet cooling pad also makes the wind cool and fresh. The circulating water falls to the bottom, forming the water cycle. There is a water level indicator at the panel. So when the water level indicator reaches the bottom level, the inlet valve will open automatically to add water; when the water reaches the indicated full leve, the valve will close automatically.

VT-1A outdoor air cooler product description.



Some of the important features of this outdoor air cooler are as follow:

  • This outdoor cooler has new evaporative cooling pad, energy saving and environment friendly.
  • VT-1A outdoor air cooler has large capacity water tank, for longer operating hours.
  • Optimizing air quality, through the silent wind.
  • Truckle / wheel with brake for easy transport are fitted in this outdoor cooler.
  • Tri – dimension circle wind, more comfortable.
  • Micro – computer programmed control, clear and luxury LCD panel.
  • Time setting function.
  • 3 Levels wind speed ( Low Med High)
  • More evident dropping temperature and increasing humidity effect.
  • More convenient with remote controller.
  • Unattached functions, keeping humid off, feel fresh in dry weather.
  •  3 Modes ( Normal, Sleep and Breeze)


MANUFACTURING: Textile, Machinery, Ceramic, Refine Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Hardware and Leather.

PROCESSING: Plaing, Electronic, Shoe Making, Painting, Plastic, Clothes Making, Food Package, etc.

OTHERS: Golf Court, Bakery, Playground, Hospital, Waiting Room, School, Passenger Waiting Room, Supermarket, Restaurant, Washing Room, Kitchen, Vegetable Market, Entertainment Center, Gym, Underground, Parking lot, Park, Warm Room, Stock Farm, Garden, Factories and others.


  1. Press “ON / OFF“ switch
  2. Press “COOL” button to activate cooling function, then the water pump will pour the cooling pad for one minute, and then the fan will work.
  3. Press “SPEED” for desired speed (Low. Medium. High).
  4. Press “SWING” if desired.
  5. Press “TIMER” bottom, if you need to set time. When start the machine, press “TIMER” which means shutting down at a regular time, then press it until “00”, which means canceling the function of setting time. Press “Timer” which means starting the machine when you shut down, press it until “00” which means canceling.

control panel of vt-1a air coolers.


Model                                           : VT-1A
Max Airflow                                  :  7000m3 /h 9000m3 /h
Voltage / Frequency                    :  100 – 127/220-240V 50/60Hz
Power                                          :  290 W / 450 W
Blower Type                                :  Axial o flow type
Water Consumption 4-6L/H
Water Tank Capacity  70L
Overall Size  1400x860x500mm
Weight  36 kgs
Application Area  30 – 50 m2


The evaporative Air Coolers has these added advantage and other special features:

  1. Specially designed powerful blade and water – proof fan motor.
  2. With thicker and bigger cooling pad, for better heat absorption.
  3. Multi- layered congruent wave and fiber cooling pad makes the water cold.
  4. Other special construction.


Before using the this industrial air cooler, please read the guide book carefully and operate according to the instructions.

A; Use the outdoor cooler in the following condition:

  • Temperature: 18C / 45oC
  • Water Temperature <45oC
  • Electric voltage must not exceed the required volt(+/-)5%
  • No pollution of surrounding

B; The circuit of the outdoor air cooler be properly connected and protected to prevent mouse bites. Trampled or over- stretched, which may cause short circuits. Using wrong electric voltage of wrong socket will cause danger of electric shock.

C; Do not use wrong circuit or other wire metal made of other materials which may cause machine malfunction or explosion.

D; If the product is not operating well or may have unusual malfunction, please inform the distributor or dealer where you bought the unit.

E; Please open the doors and windows when use, keep ventilated to avoid the application effect.


1; Add water in this evaporative cooler

  1. Clean water must be used.
  2. Pour water on the left side (water inlet) of the unit slowly to avoid water spiliage and prevent the risk of electric shock.
  3. Fill up to “MAX” level only as it may oveflow.

2; Plug the desert cooler unit (220 volts/60 Heriz, Single Phase ) power indicator icon will light up.

3; If the supply cordis damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or service agent or semilarly qualified person in order to avoida hazard.

4; This outdoor cooler is not intended to use by persons (includingchildren) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

5; Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this outdoor air cooler.




  1. Remove the Filter Net of this air coolers by removing the screw then press the lock. Rinse under running water to wash off dirt. NEVER USE PRESSURIZED WATER.
  2. Pull- out the Cooling Pad. Wash the cooling pad under running water but NEVER USE PRESSURIZED WATER as it may damage the pad. Wash from the inner – side to the outside of Pad(innerside is the focing the fun motor).
  3. Open the drainage valve to remove remaining water then clean the water tank thoroughly with soft cloth to remove dirt. Also, wash off dirt on the water sensor, water pump and the drainage valve.
  4. Use mild soap and soft clean cloth in cleaning the outer body/chossis.



1; Keep this outdoor cooler away from fire during transportation installation and operation.

2; If abnormality during operation , contact us or our distributor.

3; Please use the machine in accordance to the instruction of the guide book. Any incorrect use causing the unit to malfunction, the supplier/ dealer will not be held responsible.

For Any further query of our outdoor cooler or outdoor air coolers please visit us.

Evaporative Industrial Outdoor desert air cooler.

VT-48 desert air cooler in DubaiIn this article we will try to understand basics of air cooler which commonly called as desert cooler. Evaporative coolers are economical way of cooling. It is commonly use in large areas like factory, bus stop, lawn, hospital, marriage hall etc. It has many advantages over air conditioning unit. In this article we will try to understand different parts of desert cooler and functions of each part. Also we will try to understand working of evaporative cooler.


Working principle of an evaporative portable air coolers is simple. It consisting you Fan, Fan motor, Cooling Pad, Pump and controller. Fan is attached directly to motor which sucks air through cooling pad. Pump continuously drops water at top of cooling pad so that cooling pad always wet and water film get form at cooling pad. Controller controls motor and fan. From controller one can switch on/off air cooler, set speed, switch on/off pump, set timer etc.

how desert cooler workWorking: When you switch on air cooler, fan motor start rotating and so as fan. Fan sucks air from back side which passes through wet pad. As mentioned before pump continually pours water on tope of pad due to which pad get wet and water film get formed at pad. Hot Air passing though wet pad get in touch with water in pad and looses it’s thermal energy instantly which leads to drop in temperature of hot air and cold air get pushed by fan. In many desert cooler design in steady of cooling pad desert cool rediators are get use. To reduce temperature of air from desert cooling system, two pads are get use in some designs which called as Two stage Evaporative cooler.

Advantages of Evaporative Desert cooler.

As mentioned before evaporative type desert air cooler has many advantages. Major advantages as follow:

  • Low Running cost: Evaporative air cooler has 90% less operating cost than that of traditional refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Low Electricity Power requirement: Desert air cooler take low power than air conditioner.
  • Lower Peak Energy Requirement: Evaporative coolers has lower peak energy requirement which will give benefit of low cost wiring and these cooler can be use with solar energy also.
  • Desert cooler air conditioning has low maintenance cost than refrigerant type air conditioner.
  • Portable evaporative air coolers are more environment friendly than refrigerant type of air conditioner.

Video of VT-48 Desert cooler