Industrial air cooler for all applications

Industrial air cooler for all applications

CtrlTech offers Industrial air cooler for all applications. These air coolers works on evaporation principle. These desert coolers are very economical in operation and consumes low power and delivers high air flow.  It consists of Thick pad which made wet and kept wet with help of submersible water pump which located at bottom water tank. Fan exact air though this wet pad and hence temperature of air reduces and this cooler delivers cold air.

Applications of Desert coolers.

Desert air cooler are commonly use for following applications:

  1. Public gathering places like marriage hall, bus stop, schools, canteens etc.
  2. These outdoor air cooler use in horse stables, camel breeding, poultry farms and Zoo.
  3. Due to its capacity to delivery high air flow this outdoor coolers use in Military installations also.
  4. These evaporative coolers use in labor camps.
  5. This evaporative air coolers also use in Green house installations.
  6. These Industrial coolers use in open restaurants, outdoor swimming pools and lawns.
  7. These air coolers use in Ramadan Tents.
  8. These use in various industries such as rubber, food, stone cutting, leather, metallurgy etc.

Buy These Industrial cooler.

You can buy these industrial coolers in UAE from CtrlTech. Their contact details are as follow

Control Technologies

PO Box 122271, SAIF Zone. Sharjah, UAE.

T: +971 6 5489626

M: +971 50 1537113


Industrial air cooler or desert cooler