VT-1C outdoor cooler Dubai by CtrlTech.

In this article, let’s review the robust VT-1C outdoor cooler Dubai manufactured by CtrlTech. They are supplying these water air coolers in Middle East countries. These units are suitable for industrial applications and large public places like open restaurants, marriage halls, party lawns, outdoor pool areas, etc. VT-1C desert cooler is most appropriate for industrial conditions. It is best to compare cost vs. airflow concerning all other models available in the market. CtrlTech has around five different models of outdoor air coolers in Dubai. They offer the best prices, quality, and a good warranty.

CtrlTech launched a new air cooler model to beat hot summer in Dubai and the Middle East. Air conditioners are also an excellent option to hit the high heat of summer. But it has a high running cost. Hence, all users, especially industrial installations, choose outdoor coolers as cheaper solutions to cool their spaces.

VT-1C outdoor cooler Dubai by CtrlTech.

Reliable outdoor cooler Dubai working principle.

VT-1c desert cooling unit consists of three major parts: fan motor, water pump, and cooling pad. The fan motor is responsible for rotating the fan to suck air through the wet cooling pad and the front side. The water pump is responsible for continuously pumping water on the cooling pad to always be in a damp condition. The cooling pad maintains moisture so that when the fan sucks air through it, air should get cooled. CtrlTech outdoor cooler Dubai uses a high-quality motor, fan, and cooling pads.

When you start the unit, the first water pump will begin pushing water from the water tank to the top of the cooling pad. The pumped water discharges at the top of the pad continuously, keeping it wet. After a delay of two minutes fan motor will start. This fan motor sucks air through a wet cooling pad, and when air passes through the cooling pad, the air temperature drops due to evaporation, and cold air is thrown front site.

The water pump transports the water from the tank to the tray installed on the top of the cooling pad. The water continuously wets the cooling pad surface, the wind evenly through the cooling pad, absorbing heat from the air, transforming it into cool air. Air goes through the cooling pad, and water evaporation dries away the surrounding heat and causes a drop in air temperature. The thickness and material of the cooling pad also determine the price of an outdoor air cooler in Dubai.

Features of outdoor cooler Dubai.

Outdoor cooler Dubai for rent.

VT-1C desert cooler has an airflow of 22000 cubic meters per hour. The unit is provided with lockable solid four wheels. Hence, this unit is easy to move. The cooling pad has a large surface area to cool a large amount of air. A net mesh is provided on the cooling pad to protect it from dust. This net mesh is removable and washable. At the bottom of this desert air cooler, a water tank of 100 liters is provided. One can add water manually through a separate opening provided on the right-hand side.

VT-1C outdoor cooler Dubai also has a facility to connect direct connection of tap water to this tank. A floating valve is provided, which will cut off the water supply when the tank is full. This industrial cooler’s pump can be switched on or off on demand to use this unit as a fan if required. The fan motor is mighty of 1100 watt capacity. The fan of the VT-1C desert cooler is 30 inches in size that can generate 22000 CMH air. The LCD control panel shows the working condition of the air cooler. This LCD will light the water level, an indicator if the tank has low water.

What are the advantages of an outdoor air cooler in Dubai?

One of the main advantages of the evaporative coolers is that these units have low initial and running costs. Also, the air conditioner’s power consumption is much higher than the outdoor cooler in Dubai. For example, an air cooler with a motor of 1100 watts can deliver airflow up to 22000 CMH, and if you want the same quality airflow air conditioner, then it will come at and very high price. These evaporative air coolers do not need installation. It is plug and play device. The Control panel of these desert cooling systems is user-friendly, and anyone can operate it.

Applications of an outdoor cooler in Dubai.

Applications of VT-1C desert air cooler are as follows:

  • Manufacturing Industry: Mechanical manufacturing, Ceramic, Metal, Textile industry, Foundry industry, Injection molding industry, etc.
  • Processing Industry: Mechanical processing, Electronic processing, Printing processing, Rubber, Food processing, Tobacco, and Floor industry.
  • Other Applications: Staff dormitory, office, Schools, Hospitals, Waiting rooms, Entertainment, Supermarket, restaurants, Bakery, Kitchen, Golf Course, Living room, Housekeeping, Laboratory, Guesthouse, etc.
Outdoor air cooler Dubai at low prices.

CtrlTech products.

CtrlTech is a well-known brand in the evaporative cooling industry. We offer portable air coolers of industrial grade. We have been offering our desert cooler Dubai in the Middle East for the last decade. The product line includes:

  • VT-1A Desert cooler of airflow 6000 cubic meters per hour.
  • VT-24 Industrial air cooler of airflow of 12000 cubic meters per hour.
  • VT-28 Industrial cooler of airflow 14000 cubic meters per hour.
  • VT-1B outdoor cooler of airflow 18000 cubic meters per hour.
  • VT-1C Desert air cooler of airflow 22000 cubic meters per hour. 
  • VT-1D Heavy Duty cooler with 26000 CMH airflow.

Also, CtrlTech recently launched a new VT-1D outdoor air cooler in Dubai with airflow of 26000 cubic meters per hour. Get the best outdoor cooler prices in UAE from CtrlTech. They also maintain stock of all spare parts throughout the year for quick repair.

FAQs of Outdoor cooler Dubai.

Which is the best outdoor cooler in Dubai?

There are several outdoor air coolers available in the UAE market. However, some of the best models are as follows:
1) CtrlTech VT-24
2) Port-A-Cool Jetstream
3) Symphony Movicool
4) Honeywell CO610PM

What is the outdoor air cooler price in UAE?

The cost of the models depends on the airflow capacity, tank size, and other unit features. However, it is available from AED 1500 to AED 3900. The airflow of these models starts from 6000 CMH to 18000 CMH.

Which type of outdoor cooler is suitable, portable or ceiling mount?

The selection of types of desert evaporative coolers depends on the application. Portable models are plug-n-play devices. It can be easily moved and does not need any ducting installation. Ceiling mount units are costly and need proper installation, which involves cost.

Where can I buy an outdoor cooler in UAE?

The most convenient way to buy coolers is online. You will get quick delivery and the best prices. Also, some suppliers give fast delivery, best prices, and demo on delivery. It is always better to buy from a dealer for a future warranty to get immediate service.

VT-1X Outdoor Cooler Dubai.
VT 1C outdoor cooler Dubai by CtrlTech.

VT-1X is the robust outdoor cooler Dubai with an airflow of 8000 CMH. This evaporative cooling unit has a water tank of 120 liters and is fitted with 290 watts of the motor. This desert cooler is provided with lockable wheels packed in a separate box. Users can fix it to the central unit if needed. The USP of this unit is the cooling pad on all three sides. It increases the influx of fresh air. CtrlTech outdoor air cooler Dubai supplies this system in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, & Africa. The control panel has the option to set the fan speed to low, medium, and high. Also, the swing shutter can be switched on or off from this control board. The control panel shows a "Lack of Water" LED indication when the tank is empty. The body casing is made up of high-quality plastic. CtrlTech outdoor cooler Dubai offers one year warranty on this unit. For the best outdoor cooler price in Dubai, Contact CtrlTech now.

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