Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to save power and hence your Money. #aircooler #ctrltech4u #UAE #evaporative. Evaporative air coolers delivers more cool air with consumption of low power.

Evaporative Cooler Vs Air conditioner.

Evaporative cooler has motor, pump and evaporative pad. Power consuming device in these air coolers is only low motor and and pump. Power consumption of pump is very low. Motor loaded with low weight blades with can be rotate at high frequency at given power of motor and hence it deliver high air flow. If you want to have air conditioner with similar airflow the power consumption of air conditioner going to be multiple times higher than evaporative coolers.

Air coolers Supplier.

CtrlTech offers portable evaporative air cooler in Dubai, UAE. These air coolers has capacity to delivery air from 6000 to 48000 cubic meter per hour. These are best portable air coolers with high reliability. contact CtrlTech now:

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Evaporative air cooler-save power,save money& stay cool

Evaporative Industrial Outdoor desert air cooler.

VT-48 desert air cooler in DubaiIn this article we will try to understand basics of air cooler which commonly called as desert cooler. Evaporative coolers are economical way of cooling. It is commonly use in large areas like factory, bus stop, lawn, hospital, marriage hall etc. It has many advantages over air conditioning unit. In this article we will try to understand different parts of desert cooler and functions of each part. Also we will try to understand working of evaporative cooler.


Working principle of an evaporative portable air coolers is simple. It consisting you Fan, Fan motor, Cooling Pad, Pump and controller. Fan is attached directly to motor which sucks air through cooling pad. Pump continuously drops water at top of cooling pad so that cooling pad always wet and water film get form at cooling pad. Controller controls motor and fan. From controller one can switch on/off air cooler, set speed, switch on/off pump, set timer etc.

how desert cooler workWorking: When you switch on air cooler, fan motor start rotating and so as fan. Fan sucks air from back side which passes through wet pad. As mentioned before pump continually pours water on tope of pad due to which pad get wet and water film get formed at pad. Hot Air passing though wet pad get in touch with water in pad and looses it’s thermal energy instantly which leads to drop in temperature of hot air and cold air get pushed by fan. In many desert cooler design in steady of cooling pad desert cool rediators are get use. To reduce temperature of air from desert cooling system, two pads are get use in some designs which called as Two stage Evaporative cooler.

Advantages of Evaporative Desert cooler.

As mentioned before evaporative type desert air cooler has many advantages. Major advantages as follow:

  • Low Running cost: Evaporative air cooler has 90% less operating cost than that of traditional refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Low Electricity Power requirement: Desert air cooler take low power than air conditioner.
  • Lower Peak Energy Requirement: Evaporative coolers has lower peak energy requirement which will give benefit of low cost wiring and these cooler can be use with solar energy also.
  • Desert cooler air conditioning has low maintenance cost than refrigerant type air conditioner.
  • Portable evaporative air coolers are more environment friendly than refrigerant type of air conditioner.

Video of VT-48 Desert cooler