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Let’s understand the basics of ac cooler, commonly called a tower cooler or room cooler. Evaporative cooling is an economical way of keeping places cold. It is more justified for large areas like the factory, bus stops, lawns, hospitals, marriage halls, etc. Also, it has many advantages over an air conditioning unit. In this article, we will try to understand different parts of the desert cooler and the functions of each one. In addition, we will try to understand the working of an evaporative cooler.

How does the small ac cooler work?

The working principle of evaporative tower coolers is simple. It consists of a Fan, Fan motor, Cooling Pad, Pump, and controller. The fan is attached directly to the motor, which sucks air through the cooling pad. The pump continuously drops water at the top of the cooling pad to form a water film. The controller controls the motor and fan. One can switch on/off the unit from this panel, set speed, switch on/off the pump, set the timer, etc.

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When you switch on ac cooler, the fan motor starts rotating, and so as the fan. The fan sucks air from the backside, passing through the wet pad. As mentioned before pump continually pours water on top of pad. Hot Air passing through this wet pad gets in touch with water and instantly loses its thermal energy, leading to a drop in the temperature of hot air and cold air generated. Two-stage evaporative cooling is also used to reduce the temperature more quickly. In this method tower cooler is fitted with two cooling pads.

Advantages of evaporative ac cooler.

As mentioned before evaporative tower air cooler has many advantages. Significant advantages are as follows:

  • Low Running cost: Evaporative room cooler has 90% less operating cost than a traditional refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Low Electricity Power requirement: Small air coolers need low power than air conditioners.
  • Lower Peak Energy Requirement: Evaporative AC coolers have lower peak energy requirements, benefiting from low-cost wiring. We can also be used these units with solar energy.
  • Desert cooler air conditioning has low maintenance cost than a refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Portable evaporative air coolers are more environmentally friendly than Air Conditioners.

What are the differences between air coolers and Air conditioners?

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When it comes to cooling offices, homes, or extensive laboratories, installing a centralized air conditioner is justified. But installing air conditioners for large production areas producing low-price products is not warranted. In such a case, we need to install a desert ac cooler, which is more economical than AC. One of the significant differences between an air conditioner and an evaporative tower cooler is air conditioner can not cool open space. While evaporative desert unites cand deliver can high flow of cold air all around open space which can make occupant comfortable.

AC uses a compressor and refrigerant for cooling. It is one of the main reasons for Ozon layer depletion. Also, it requires more electricity. Thus, ACs are not environmentally friendly as air cooler portable.

Distinguishing points of room cooler.

There are a few significant differences between an air conditioner and ac coolers are as follow:

  1. Initial cost: Air conditioners are much costlier than room air coolers. The price of the desert cooling units for a given airflow capacity is at least 75% less than an air conditioner of equivalent airflow capacity.
  2. Electricity: The power consumption of air conditioners is much higher than an evaporative outdoor tower cooler. Evaporative units can deliver high airflow with low power consumption. For example, an air cooler with a power consumption of only 1.1kw can provide a cold airflow of around 22000 CMH.
  3. Maintenance cost: Evaporative industrial cooler is nearly maintenance-free. At the same time, ACs need continuous maintenance.
  4. Portability: Evaporative air cooler fan can be portable. It is provided with solid wheels and a large water tank. Hence, you can quickly move your cooling unit from one place to another. But once the air conditioner gets installed at one site, it becomes an extensive procedure to shift to another location.
  5. Economical: Outdoor coolers are more economical in terms of initial and running costs than that air conditioners.

Applications of ac cooler.

CtrlTech offers an Industrial air cooler for all applications. These units work on the evaporation principle. It consists of a thick pad made wet and kept wet with the help of a submersible water pump located at the bottom water tank. Fan exact air though this wet pad and hence the temperature of air reduces and this cooler delivers cold air. These ac coolers are very economical in operation, consume low power, and produce high airflow.

Mini air coolers are commonly used for the following applications:

  1. Public gathering places like marriage halls, bus stops, schools, canteens, etc.
  2. These outdoor air coolers use in horse stables, camel breeding, poultry farms, and zoos.
  3. Due to their capacity to deliver high airflow, these outdoor coolers are used in Military installations also.
  4. These models are used in labor camps.
  5. It is suitable for Greenhouse installations.
  6. These industrial coolers use in open restaurants, outdoor swimming pools, and lawns.
  7. These systems are often used in Ramadan Tents.
  8. Also, it is installed in various industries such as rubber, food, stone cutting, leather, metallurgy, etc.

Tower cooler supplier in UAE.

Great review for Tower Cooler of CtrlTech.

CtrlTech offers a wide range of ac coolers. The list of models is as follows:

  1. VT-24 Outdoor air cooler with 12000 cubic meters per hour and 45 liters tank airflow.
  2. VT-28 Industrial air cooler with 14000 cubic meters per hour and 60 liters tank airflow.
  3. VT-1A Evaporative air cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meters per hour and 45 liters tank.
  4. VT-1C Desert air cooler with 12000 cubic meters per hour and 100-liter tank airflow.
  5. VT-24 Desert cooler with airflow of 12000 cubic meters per hour and 126 liters tank.

CtrlTech is the oldest ac cooler supplier in Dubai, UAE. They have been supplying industrial air coolers in UAE, Oman & Qatar for the last twelve years. CtrlTech products are the best in quality and reliability. CtrlTech offered an outdoor cooler with 7000 to 26000 cubic meters per hour. Fan Motor of CtrlTech desert cooler made with high-quality copper and insulation and can withstand high temperature. The pump is potent and pushes water to the top of the cooling pad. The cooling pad of the ac cooler is thick and made up of the best material.

FAQs of AC coolers.

What is an ac cooler?

How does the tower AC cooler generates cold air?

What capacity of outdoor cooler do I need?

What are the benefits of air coolers?

CtrlTech’s Tower cooler review.

AC cooler and Tower Cooler.
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CtrlTech offers a wide range of ac coolers and tower coolers. Since these units will be used in bedrooms, receptions, etc., aesthetics have been given utmost importance. These units are very compact, and it has a silent operation. The Control panel is decorative with touchpad buttons. All models are provided with four castor wheels. Thus, it can quickly move them from one place to another. These room coolers are available in white and off-white colors. CtrlTech's small ac cooler is provided with cooling pads on three sides. The cooling pads are made up of unique material to avoid an awful smell. Manual opening is offered to fill the tank. Also, the price of these mini air coolers is very reasonable with one year warranty.

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