Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to Save Power & Money

Evaporative air cooler to save power and hence your Money. #aircooler #ctrltech4u #UAE #evaporative. Evaporative air coolers delivers more cool air with consumption of low power.

Evaporative Cooler Vs Air conditioner.

Evaporative cooler has motor, pump and evaporative pad. Power consuming device in these air coolers is only low motor and and pump. Power consumption of pump is very low. Motor loaded with low weight blades with can be rotate at high frequency at given power of motor and hence it deliver high air flow. If you want to have air conditioner with similar airflow the power consumption of air conditioner going to be multiple times higher than evaporative coolers.

Air coolers Supplier.

CtrlTech offers portable evaporative air cooler in Dubai, UAE. These air coolers has capacity to delivery air from 6000 to 48000 cubic meter per hour. These are best portable air coolers with high reliability. contact CtrlTech now:

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Evaporative air cooler-save power,save money& stay cool