Air cooler to beat heat of Summer.

Air cooler to beat heat of Summer.

CtrlTech lunched new air cooler model to beat hot summer in Dubai and middle East. #aircooler #dubai #UAE #ctrltech4u High heat of summer can be beat with help of air conditioner which has high running cost. Hence all user as specially industrial installations needs cheap solution to air conditioned then spaces.

What is advantages of Evaporative Outdoor Cooler?

One of the main advantage of the evaporative coolers is that, these coolers has low initial and running cost. For example air cooler with motor of 1100 watts can deliver airflow up to 22000 CMH and if you want same quality airflow air conditioner then it will come and very high price. Also Power consumption of air conditioner is much higher than the desert cooler. These evaporative air coolers do not need installation. It is plug and play device. Control panel of these desert air cooler is very user friendly and any one can operate it.

Desert air cooler to beat summer heatCtrlTech Desert Cooler.

CtrlTech is well know brand in evaporative cooling industry. We are offering our evaporative air coolers in Middle East from last one decade. We offer portable air coolers of industrial grade. Product line includes:

  • VT-1A Desert cooler of air flow 6000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-24 Industrial air cooler of air flow 12000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-28 Industrial cooler of air flow 14000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-1B outdoor cooler of air flow 18000 cubic meter per hour.
  • VT-1C Desert air cooler of air flow 22000 cubic meter per hour. &
  • Newly launched VT-1D outdoor air cooler of air flow 26000 cubic meter per hour.

To get more details about CtrlTEch desert cooler, please contact:

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